Mother celebrates son using female pronouns at school, compares it to Christmas.

A North Carolina Mom Celebrates Her Daughter’s Journey

In a heartwarming story, a North Carolina mom proudly shared her young son’s incredible journey of self-discovery on national television. Now identifying as a girl, her son, now known as Ava, couldn’t wait to share the news with her classmates, embracing a new name and pronouns.

“Meet Ava, an exuberant, happy nine-year-old. Perhaps it’s a bit mind-bending to learn that she was born, by all appearances, a boy.”

From an early age, Ava gravitated towards girly toys and colors, expressing her desire to be a girl. Her parents initially found it challenging to process, but their love and support prevailed. Even through tears, Ava’s plea to wear a dress touched their hearts.

“I feel like I’m an open-minded person, but when it’s your son, asking to do this,” the father shared. “I think I wasn’t thinking about her feelings at the time … I was just thinking about, how are people gonna react to it.”

Despite their fears, Ava’s parents chose to support her, understanding that denying her true identity would only cause her pain. They didn’t want to be her first bully; they wanted to be her advocates.

During an interview, Ava’s newfound confidence and happiness were evident. When asked about her love for fashion, she expressed how it allowed her to express herself and be creative.

Ava’s mother shared, “It was just very clear the difference in her once she was allowed to present as a girl. She went from being shy and anxious to — everyone remarked, ‘She was so much more confident, she just seemed happier.'”

In second grade, Ava proudly walked into her classroom, announcing her new name and pronouns. The excitement she felt was akin to Christmas morning.

When asked if she now feels like her true self, Ava confidently replied, “Yeah. 100%.”

Protecting Children and the Debate on Gender-Affirming Care

Terry Schilling, president of the American Principles Project, expressed concerns about gender-affirming care for children. He emphasized the importance of protecting children and questioned whether they truly understand their future selves.

Correspondent Susan Spencer challenged Schilling, asking why the decision should be left to the state. Schilling responded by highlighting how the state already makes decisions regarding children, such as age restrictions for smoking, drinking, and getting tattoos. He questioned why children should be allowed to undergo cross-sex hormones without thorough consideration.

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