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Code Pink occupies Senate Democrat offices, demanding Gaza ceasefire in Israel war.

Progressive Activists ‌Demand Ceasefire in Gaza, ‍Stage Sit-In at U.S. Senate

Progressive activists made a powerful‌ statement on Friday ⁤as they⁤ descended upon the U.S. ‍Senate, demanding ⁤Congress take action to enforce ⁤a ceasefire in Gaza. The offices ⁤of several Democrats were occupied⁤ during⁤ the sit-in, organized by ‍Code⁢ Pink and the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights. A total of⁢ 52 demonstrators were arrested for violating ⁤D.C. Code⁢ related to ‌protesting inside a congressional office building.

Protesters Highlight Gaza Carnage

Many of the ​protesters covered themselves in fake blood to draw attention to the devastating situation ​in Gaza.​ They took over the offices of ⁣Senators Bernie Sanders,‌ Elizabeth Warren, Alex Padilla, Jeanne Shaheen,‍ Jeff Merkley, Brian Schatz, Chris ​Van Hollen, Ed Markey, and Senate Foreign​ Relations Committee Chairman Ben Cardin. Additionally, a group​ hung a large​ banner ⁤outside Senator Cory Booker’s office, calling for the U.S. to stop arming Israel.

The USCPR captured a ‌video⁤ of activists confronting Misty Rebik, Sanders’s ‍chief of‍ staff, as she entered her ‌office. One woman shouted, “You walk⁣ away from us as our people ⁤die. Their blood is⁤ on your hands,⁢ Misty.”

Although the protesters did not encounter ⁣the senators they⁢ were seeking, it is not surprising as most senators work ⁤from their home states during the weekend.

Disrupting Testimony⁣ and Calling for Ceasefire

Earlier in the week, ​Code Pink ⁤organized a protest to disrupt the testimony of Defense ⁣Secretary Lloyd ⁢Austin ⁢and Secretary⁢ of ‌State Antony Blinken. The protesters repeatedly interrupted Blinken’s⁣ opening ‍statement, with some revealing their hands covered in fake blood. One man chanted, “Ceasefire now! Save the children of‌ Gaza. Where is your ‍pride, America?” before being⁢ removed from the hearing room.

A total of 12 ⁢protesters were arrested during the ⁤Tuesday hearing,​ facing the ⁣same charges‌ as the Friday protesters.

Democrats Call​ for Cessation of Hostilities

With Democrats holding a slim ‍majority in the Senate, 14 members of the conference have called for a “short-term cessation of hostilities” ‌in Gaza. Senators⁢ Markey, Booker,⁣ Van Hollen, Merkley, Warren, ⁢and ‌Shaheen released ‌a statement supporting⁣ President Biden’s ⁣call for a pause in fighting to⁣ ensure the safety of ⁢civilians⁣ and aid workers.

“The‌ failure to adequately protect‌ non-combatant‌ civilians risks‍ dramatic⁤ escalation of the conflict in the region ⁤and imposes ‍severe damage on prospects for peaceful​ coexistence ​between Israelis and ⁢Palestinians,”‍ the senators emphasized.

They join President Biden in urging‍ a temporary ceasefire ⁣to protect civilian lives ⁤and facilitate humanitarian aid delivery in Gaza.

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​What legal consequences did⁢ the protesters face for their actions, and what was the reaction to their protest from politicians

The Senate building that read ⁣”Ceasefire ⁤Now:⁤ Stop the Bloodshed.”

The protesters aimed to highlight the ongoing violence and humanitarian crisis in Gaza, where civilians, including ​children, ⁣have been‌ killed and injured as a result ⁣of the‍ Israeli-Palestinian conflict.⁣ They demanded that the U.S. ​take immediate ⁣action ⁣to enforce a ceasefire and provide aid to those affected by ⁤the violence.

Code Pink and ‍U.S. Campaign for Palestinian ⁣Rights Organize Sit-In

The sit-in was organized by Code Pink, a women-led grassroots organization advocating for peace and social‍ justice, and the U.S. Campaign ‌for Palestinian Rights, a ‌coalition of organizations​ dedicated​ to promoting Palestinian human rights. These groups have ⁤been vocal critics of U.S. policy towards Israel and Palestine, urging the government to prioritize diplomacy over ⁤military intervention and support ‍a just resolution to the conflict.

The ⁣activists set up camp ‌inside the Senate offices, refusing to leave until ‌their demands for a ceasefire were met. They chanted slogans, displayed signs, and shared personal stories⁣ of the devastation in‌ Gaza​ in an effort to raise⁢ awareness and garner support‌ for their‍ cause.

Arrests Made for​ Violating ⁤D.C. Code

Despite their peaceful protest, a total of 52 demonstrators were arrested​ for violating D.C. Code related to⁢ protesting inside a congressional office building. The disruption caused by the sit-in ​led to the closure of some Senate offices and ⁣the evacuation of staff members.

While the protesters faced legal consequences for their actions, their message resonated with many across the⁣ country⁣ who believe the⁣ U.S. ⁤should play a more active role in promoting peace and justice in⁤ the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Impact and Response

The sit-in at the U.S. Senate⁣ succeeded in drawing attention to⁣ the dire situation in Gaza ⁤and putting pressure on ⁢lawmakers to take action. Several senators issued statements​ expressing their ‌concern and calling for an immediate‌ ceasefire.⁢ Senator Bernie‌ Sanders, who ⁣had his office occupied during the protest, tweeted, ⁣”The ⁤violence in⁢ Gaza must end. The U.S. ⁢must​ play a leading ​role in ⁤bringing ⁢about a ceasefire and a​ peaceful⁢ resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

However, not all politicians were supportive of the protest.‍ Some argued that such actions ⁢undermine diplomatic efforts and called for dialogue and negotiations‍ to ⁣resolve the conflict.


The sit-in by progressive activists demanding⁢ a ceasefire in Gaza at​ the U.S. ⁤Senate represented a powerful expression of‌ solidarity ⁢with the Palestinian‍ people. The protesters sought to bring attention to the devastating consequences of the ‌Israeli-Palestinian conflict and call for meaningful U.S. intervention to bring about a ceasefire.‍ While their methods may have been met with legal consequences, the sit-in ​successfully raised awareness and generated discussion about ⁤the role‍ of⁤ the U.S. in promoting peace and justice ​in the region.

As the conflict continues to ‌escalate and ‌more lives are lost, the calls for a ceasefire grow louder. ⁤It⁤ remains to⁤ be seen how the U.S. government will respond to ​these demands and what actions⁣ will be taken to address the crisis​ in ⁢Gaza.

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