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Israel retaliates against Iran, targeting multiple locations – sources confirm

The summary highlights President Biden’s warning to Iran before its attack on Israel and⁢ Israel’s israel/” title=”ISIS claims responsibility for Iran bombings, despite regime blaming Israel”>subsequent retaliation. ⁤Biden’s response post-attack is⁣ noted. The incident‌ is detailed in an ‍article titled⁢ “Israel ⁣Gets Revenge Against ​Iran, Strikes Multiple Areas – Reports” on​ The ⁢Western Journal’s website. The summary emphasizes President ‌Biden’s caution to Iran before the attack on ⁤Israel, Israel’s retaliatory actions, and ⁤Biden’s reaction afterward. The ​incident is ‍featured in an article titled “Israel Gets Revenge⁤ Against Iran, Strikes Multiple ⁢Areas​ – Reports” on The Western Journal’s site.

Before Iran’s attack on Israel last week, President Joe Biden had a one-word message for Tehran: “Don’t.” It didn’t listen. In the aftermath of the attack, Biden didn’t utter that […]

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