Is Putin’s Ukraine War Failing?

Ukrainian Forces Push Russian Brigade Out of Bakhmut

After months of intense fighting, the Ukrainian Third Assault Brigade has successfully pushed the Russian 72nd Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade out of Bakhmut. Reports indicate that the Russian forces were seen fleeing from the frontlines near the city, confirming comments made by Wagner private mercenary group boss Yevgeny Prigozhin. In a video shared on Telegram, Prigozhin described how one of the Russian military’s units had “fled” from one of Wagner’s flanks, while also acknowledging that Ukrainian forces were “tearing up the flanks.”

Wagner Leader Warns of Encirclement

Prigozhin also warned that his troops were on the verge of being encircled in the city, and said that he may ultimately be forced to withdraw his private fighters. He directed criticism at the Russian government for failing to provide his fighters with sufficient ammunition, a complaint he has made on several occasions. This news marks a remarkable turnaround for the Ukrainian forces, who were previously thought to have little chance of taking control of the city or pushing out Russian forces.

Russian Soldier Surrenders to Ukrainian Forces

Video footage shared on social media this week shows the moment that a Russian soldier surrendered to the Ukrainian forces in Bakhmut. The video, recorded from a Ukrainian drone, shows the Russian soldier in a trench waving to a Ukrainian drone and signaling that he intends to surrender. Ukrainian drone operators then drop a note telling the Russian soldier to follow the drone. After briefly hesitating, the Russian soldier followed the instructions and was reportedly taken into Ukrainian custody.

About the Author: Jack Buckby

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