IRS whistleblowers expose new information about Joe Biden’s connections to Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China.

IRS Whistleblower Disclosures Reveal Fresh Allegations About President Joe Biden’s Ties to Son’s Foreign Dealings

Recently released IRS whistleblower disclosures have brought to light new allegations regarding President Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s foreign business dealings. These allegations include a text message from Hunter Biden to a Chinese businessman, demanding payment and threatening, “I am sitting here with my father.”

The whistleblowers, two IRS agents referred to as Gary Shapley and “Whistleblower X,” also revealed that a Hunter Biden business associate informed the FBI that Joe Biden had attended a China-related business meeting at Hunter’s request. The associate mentioned that “optics” prevented a search warrant at Joe Biden’s guest house, and that investigators were instructed not to ask about “the big guy,” referring to Joe Biden.

Biden Manages Tense Relations with China

These whistleblower claims were made by individuals who played key roles in the investigation of Hunter Biden, including Gary Shapley, a supervisory special agent with the IRS’s criminal investigation. Shapley’s interview transcript included a recorded conversation between an FBI agent and Hunter Biden’s business associate, Rob Walker, where Walker mentioned Joe Biden’s appearance at a meeting regarding a potential deal with a Chinese energy conglomerate.

The Chinese energy conglomerate, CEFC, was founded by Ye Jianming, with whom Hunter and James Biden had attempted to establish various deals. Ultimately, the Bidens received millions of dollars from the company.

An email that gained notoriety in October 2020 revealed a business deal between Hunter Biden and the Chinese company, referencing “10 held by H [Hunter] for the big guy.” The email, dated May 13, 2017, discussed the expectations and remuneration packages of the potential deal, with Hunter listed as “Chair/Vice Chair” and James Biden mentioned as well.

Tony Bobulinski, a former Navy lieutenant and business partner of Hunter Biden, confirmed that “the big guy” referred to Joe Biden. Bobulinski stated that Hunter Biden often referred to his father as “the Big Guy” or “my chairman” and sought his advice on various potential deals.

Shapley revealed that the FBI provided advance notice to Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s presidential transition team about their intention to interview potential witnesses. However, out of the twelve planned interviews, only one substantive interview with Walker took place.

“The famous email that Tony was pointing out like the equity split, can you tell me your opinion of that, when it’s going through like, you know, ten B dot-dot-dot held by H?” the FBI agent asked the Hunter Biden associate.

Walker responded, “I think that maybe James was wishful thinking or maybe he was just projecting that, you know, if this was a good relationship and this was something that was going to happen, the VP was never going to run, just protecting that, you know, maybe at some point he would be a piece of it, but he was more just, you know — it looks terrible, but it’s not. I certainly never was thinking at any time the VP was a part of anything we were doing.”

Walker also mentioned an instance where Joe Biden showed up at a CEFC meeting, stating that Hunter Biden had asked him to attend to bolster their chances of making a deal work. Walker confirmed that there were times when Hunter Biden set up meetings with his father while he was still in office.

Texts from Bobulinski further suggest that Joe Biden met with him, Hunter Biden, and James Biden as they pursued a deal with CEFC. This alleged meeting took place on May 2, 2017, in Los Angeles.

Joe Biden has consistently claimed that he has never discussed his son’s overseas business dealings. However, in a voicemail to Hunter Biden in December 2018, he reassured his son that he was in the “clear” following the release of an article about his dealings with CEFC.

Hunter Biden recently reached a plea deal on federal charges related to tax crimes and the illegal purchase of a handgun. These IRS whistleblower claims, which detail the politicization of the Justice Department investigation, were made public shortly after the plea deal was revealed.

Shapley revealed that during the interview with Walker, the Delaware assistant U.S. attorney, Lesley Wolf, directed them not to ask about “the big guy” or “dad.” Despite objections from multiple individuals in the room, Wolf insisted that there was no specific criminality in that line of questioning.

The whistleblowers argued that due to the prosecutors’ guidance to avoid investigating anything related to President Biden, it is impossible to know if there is evidence of other criminal activity involving Hunter Biden or President Biden.

They also mentioned that prosecutors denied their requests to develop a strategy to investigate certain messages and obtain location information. One specific message from Hunter Biden to a Chinese businessman, demanding payment and threatening consequences, raised concerns about potential income sources for President Biden.

Shapley stated that during a meeting, Wolf acknowledged that there was enough probable cause for a search warrant at Joe Biden’s guest house. However, the decision on whether to execute the warrant was driven by optics, and ultimately, the search warrant was not approved.

The second whistleblower also revealed that Hunter Biden deducted a hotel room for Joe Biden in California as a business expense.

These IRS whistleblower disclosures have raised further questions about President Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s foreign dealings and the handling of the investigation by the Justice Department.

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