Iranian Police Deploy Violent Tactics To Quell Anti-Regime Protesters

Iranian police reportedly started using violent tactics on anti-regime protesters over the weekend.

As The Daily Wire reported, the Iranian province of Khuzestan is experiencing severe energy and water shortages. In an attempt to quell resultant protests, Iranian officials shut off internet access and began to mobilize police assets — leading to the death of at least three civilians.

Iran International reported that security forces began firing tear gas and guns to disperse a crowd in Tehran. Protesters chanted “death to Islamic Republic” and other anti-regime phrases.

The outlet said on Saturday: 

Increasingly, slogans have focused on Supreme Leader Khamenei and the clerical ruling class. “Death to the dictator” and “Clerics should get lost” have become common chants. Iran experienced nationwide protests in 2017, 2018 and in November 2019, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people mostly when security forces opened fire at protesters.

Saturday’s protesters also chanted in remembrance of young people killed in 2019, saying families are without their children and Khuzestan is without water.

Masih Alinejad — an Iranian-American journalist who was nearly kidnapped in the United States by Iranian forces earlier this summer — shared a video of security forces allegedly opening fire on protesters: “Tonight in Tehran people are changing ‘Death to dictator.’ And security forces open fire on protesters. Where are the media?”

“Today people took to the streets in Tehran and chanting death to Islamic Republic and Death to dictator,” she explained. “Iranian people are fed up with corruption and in 40 years of dictatorship.”

Meanwhile, the Cuban government — also seeking to suppress a wave of anti-regime protests — is arresting and beating civilians.

Last week, seventeen-year-old Gabriela Zequeira Hernández was given an eight-month prison sentence for her alleged participation in the demonstrations. While she was detained, Zequeira was reportedly ordered to remove her underwear in the presence of officers.

As the Cuban government prosecutes citizens in summary trials without due process, family members are assembling at police stations in an attempt to deliver clothing, food, and other amenities to their loved ones. 

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) explained in a recent speech that the release of political prisoners — along with the establishment of a free press and the beginning of free elections — will automatically end the embargo on Cuba.

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