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Kamala Harris urges global action on AI threats in London.

Vice President Kamala⁣ Harris Calls for Global Vision for the Future of AI

Vice President Kamala Harris delivered ⁢a compelling speech at the U.S. Embassy in London, highlighting the Biden ‌administration’s goals and plans for artificial intelligence (AI). In her address, she emphasized⁢ the ⁤immense potential of AI to do good, but also acknowledged the⁤ significant risks and threats it poses.

“We must⁣ ensure the ‌safety of AI by effectively managing these dangers,” Harris asserted, urging for collective action.

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“This is the moment to lay the⁣ groundwork for ​the future of AI,” Harris declared passionately.‌ She stressed the urgency of the situation and called for a collective vision of what the future of AI should​ look like.

Currently‌ in London, Vice President Harris is representing the U.S. government at a global summit on⁣ AI safety hosted‍ by UK⁢ Prime Minister Rishi⁤ Sunak.

During her speech, Harris announced the establishment ‌of the U.S. AI Safety Institute, which will set rigorous⁣ standards⁢ for testing the safety of AI models used by the public.

Furthermore, London and Washington are set to announce a “close collaboration” ⁢on AI safety. The aim is to align the White House’s executive order on AI with the efforts of the British government’s Frontier⁣ AI Taskforce.

President Joe Biden recently signed an executive order outlining a comprehensive plan to support responsible AI development while safeguarding the ⁢public from potential risks.

“To govern this technology and fulfill its promise while mitigating risks, we need proper regulation,” President Biden emphasized.

The executive order mandates that developers of the most powerful AI systems submit ‍safety⁣ test results and‌ crucial information to⁣ the⁤ U.S.‌ government.

Using the Defense ‌Production Act of 1950, typically employed​ during crises, the order requires firms to demonstrate the safety of their advanced technologies before deployment.

This means corporations ⁣must inform the government about their large-scale AI systems and provide independent test results to ensure they pose no national security or safety threats.

Additionally, the Energy and Homeland Security departments ⁢will collaborate to address ​AI-related threats to critical infrastructure.

To combat AI-enabled fraud and deception, the executive order also calls for⁤ the establishment⁢ of standards and content authentication guidance, including clear labeling of AI-generated content.

“We intend for⁤ these domestic AI policies to serve as a global ‌model,” Harris affirmed.

“Fundamentally, we believe that technology with ⁣global impact requires global action. To navigate global ⁤technological change, we must be guided⁣ by a shared understanding among ‌nations.”

Harris also announced that 30 countries have joined the United States in committing to ‍the responsible use ⁢of military AI.

What does Vice President Harris ‍emphasize regarding the responsible and equitable⁢ development and deployment⁣ of AI, and ⁤who does she believe should be⁤ involved in decision-making processes

Will ⁢be responsible‍ for ​conducting research, developing guidelines, and promoting ⁢international cooperation in the field of AI‍ safety. She emphasized the need for transparency, accountability, and ethical considerations in AI development and deployment.

In her address, Harris underscored the importance of collaboration among ‍countries and ‌organizations to address ⁢the ⁢challenges associated with AI. She highlighted the potential benefits of AI in various sectors,​ including healthcare,​ transportation, and ‌climate change mitigation. However, she also acknowledged ‍the risks of⁢ bias,⁣ privacy ⁢infringement, job displacement,⁤ and the potential for malicious use of AI technology.

“AI has the power to ‌transform⁤ our world, but it must be done responsibly,” Harris stated. “We cannot simply rely on the market to regulate itself. Government,‌ industry, and civil society must work together to establish guidelines and safeguards to ensure the safe⁣ and equitable development and deployment of ​AI.”

Moreover, Harris stressed the need for diversity and inclusion ‌in AI development to prevent bias and ensure⁣ that AI systems are fair and representative of all communities. She called for the inclusion of ‍marginalized groups, women, and minority ⁤populations in AI research and ‍decision-making processes.

The creation of the U.S.‍ AI Safety Institute​ aligns with ‍the Biden administration’s commitment to advancing responsible⁢ and ethical AI. It reflects ⁢the administration’s intention to take a ​proactive role in shaping the global future of AI. The institute will⁣ collaborate with ​international partners, share best practices, and promote standards to enhance ⁤AI safety worldwide.

Finally, Vice President⁢ Harris urged the international community to join forces in developing a global governance framework for AI. She called for the establishment of norms,⁢ standards, and regulations to ensure the responsible and beneficial use of AI technology. Harris emphasized the importance of democratic values, human⁢ rights, and transparency ‍in shaping the ⁣future of⁣ AI.

“We​ have ‌a responsibility to shape the future of AI in a way that reflects our shared values and⁢ addresses the needs and aspirations of all people,” Harris ‍concluded.

As the global summit⁢ on AI⁤ safety continues, Vice President Harris’s call for a global vision for the future of AI resonates⁢ with leaders and experts worldwide. Her speech serves as a reminder of ​the importance⁣ of responsible and‌ inclusive AI development, and the need for international cooperation to navigate ‍the challenges and‌ opportunities that AI presents.

Ultimately, the future ‌of AI will be‌ shaped by the actions and decisions of governments, organizations, and individuals. With Vice President Harris’s call to‍ action, ⁤the stage⁢ is ​set for⁢ a ⁤collaborative effort to harness the potential of AI while safeguarding against its risks ​and ensuring ​a future that benefits all⁤ of‌ humanity.

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