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House GOP report finds that illegal immigration costs hospitals billions in unpaid bills.

Illegal Immigration and the Cost to American Hospitals

According to a new report from Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee, illegal immigration is causing American hospitals to face billions of dollars in unpaid medical bills.

The report highlights the need to investigate Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas for his handling of the border crisis. It also provides projected costs to the healthcare systems of various states.

“Hospital and emergency room care for illegal aliens is one of the most significant expenses,” the report states. “This has led to significant costs for hospitals because providers are often not reimbursed for these services.”

The report reveals that Texas alone has had to pay between $62-90 million per year to cover illegal aliens under its Emergency Medicaid program. From 2006-2008, Texas state hospitals incurred uncompensated costs ranging from $597 million to $717 million, equivalent to $1.03 billion in May 2023 dollars.

In Florida, illegal aliens cost hospitals approximately 2 million in FY21, with hospitals only receiving about $103 million in reimbursements. Additionally, a hospital in Yuma, Arizona, provided $26 million in uncompensated care to illegal immigrants.

A recent Politico article cited in the report discusses a program in Illinois that offers health benefits to undocumented adults. Originally estimated to cost between $2 million to $4 million, the program now requires over $1.1 billion to sustain due to a higher number of participants than anticipated.

The committee’s report comes at a time when Chicago and New York City are struggling to provide housing for thousands of foreign nationals who have crossed the border. The Chicago City Council recently approved a controversial $51 million funding measure for foreign national housing, while about 50 places of worship in New York City will be used to house newly arrived foreign nationals.

As cities grapple with the influx, the Biden administration has announced plans to increase the number of foreign nationals accepted through the CBP One App, a digital platform that allows migrants to schedule asylum appointments with Border Patrol before reaching the southern border.

Estimates suggest that illegal immigration costs United States taxpayers approximately $151 billion each year. A CBS News poll found that 63% of Americans disapprove of President Biden’s handling of the United States border, while only 37% approve.

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