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Illegal border crossings surge as GOP considers using funding to demand border security.

Certain areas of ‌the U.S. Southern border reached a new level of crisis this week when thousands of illegal⁣ border crossers flooded into the U.S. daily, overwhelming border patrol.

The ​sudden daily influx stunned underequipped regions‍ like‌ Eagle Pass,⁤ TX, Tuscon, ‍AZ, and Cochise⁢ County, AZ, which are ​experiencing some of⁤ the highest numbers of illegal border crossings in their ‍history.

Republicans have a chance ‌to address the‌ deadliest ⁢border crisis in the​ world by demanding border security⁢ as‌ a prerequisite for their ⁣votes on⁣ spending‍ bills. Yet, some GOP members of Congress are still ​toying with simply giving into the‍ Biden administration’s spending desires without addressing the nation’s ⁤border problems.

A chorus of Biden officials and corporate media mouthpieces insist that the border is secure​ and ‍ not open to millions of migrants forcing their way into the U.S. ⁢As a result, the White House ‍would prefer to send ⁤security support and ⁢funds to Ukraine instead of​ funneling some of next ⁢year’s spending to the​ southern ‌border and agencies attempting ⁢to⁢ protect it.

Boots ​on‌ the ground at popular⁢ crossing points and overcrowded migrant holding facilities, however, tell ​a different story.

Fox News’s Bill Melugin reported that, in ⁣Eagle Pass on Monday morning, more‍ than 2,200 people circumvented the legal ⁤port of entry to sneak into ​the Lone ‍Star⁢ State.

Tuscon,⁤ Melugin ​and⁣ Fox News also reported, “saw a staggering 13,000 illegal crossings this week alone.”

“And it is​ just one of nine‍ sectors at the southern border,” Melugin noted.

Overall, this weekend yielded more than⁢ 20,000 ‍ illegal border ⁤crosser arrests.‌ Many who were caught will quickly be⁣ released into the U.S. Because of the ‍backlog⁣ in ⁤our immigration courts. Some of these migrants will wait years for ⁣a court date. ‌There is very ‌little that can ⁢be done if an illegal border crosser chooses to ignore his audience with a judge.

This weekend’s shocking influx doesn’t include the​ trainfuls of migrants eagerly making their way to the southern ⁤border.

Nor does it account for the estimated tens of thousands of ‌“gotaways” who evade arrest each month thanks to⁣ explicit⁣ instructions from the Biden White House that law enforcement should avoid apprehending most illegal border crossers.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has yet to release its southwest border apprehension data for August, but informal tallies from agents and ​reporters on ⁤the ground suggest well over 200,000 people illegally⁤ attempted ⁣to​ cross the U.S. southern border​ last ⁣month.

The rise in record-breaking border crossings paired ‌with September’s alarming numbers⁣ means ‌well over ‍2 million ⁣illegal border crossers will have⁣ been arrested and likely released by the end ‌of the ⁣2023 fiscal ‍year.

Members of the House Freedom ​Caucus⁢ warned in August they wouldn’t support a GOP-led continuing resolution unless both the House and Senate ​curb the raging​ border crisis, among other hot-button issues.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy recognizes the threat border problems pose to the security of the nation yet has shown hesitancy at his⁣ colleagues’ attempt to use “the power of the ⁣purse” to demand change.

Since the spending squabble began, ⁢McCarthy’s ⁤priority⁢ was preventing a government shutdown. He‌ doubled down on that commitment shortly before ⁣proposing a stopgap ‌bill that would keep the government funded through October 31.

“I want to make sure we don’t shut ​down,” McCarthy said on Fox ‍News’⁢ “Sunday Morning Futures.” “I don’t think that is ‍a win for ‍the American ⁤public and I definitely believe it’ll make our hand‌ weaker if ⁤we shut down.”

The House Freedom⁤ Caucus is expected to ‍support the continuing resolution because it contains border provisions, including immediately resuming ​ border wall construction, boosting funds for ⁣Border Patrol, beefing up security⁣ technology, and ‍narrowing asylum policy.

Senate Republicans, who⁤ repeatedly side ‍with Democrats on passing President Joe Biden’s spending ⁢wish list, however, are​ unlikely to sign off on a plan that contains‌ none ​of the “emergency funding” the regime requested for Ukraine and other causes even if it​ forces a Democrat reconciliation on ⁢the border crisis created by their president and his administration.


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