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Undocumented immigrant expresses gratitude to Joe Biden for crossing border: ‘I love you…thank you for everything.

Fox News Correspondent Exposes​ Truth About Illegal Immigration ‌at the Southern Border

In a recent report, Fox⁢ News correspondent‌ Bill Melugin and his camera crew discovered that ⁣the majority of ⁤military-age illegal males ⁤crossing the⁤ border are not genuine asylum​ seekers. Instead, they are motivated by the⁤ desire to find ⁣work and make money, with no interest⁢ in becoming Americans ​or seeking asylum from their troubles back⁣ home.

Melugin’s firsthand account reveals​ the shocking reality of the ‍situation. He describes‍ encountering masses of men from all over the world crossing illegally, leaving ⁣behind ⁤trash and a horrific stench of ⁤human ⁣feces. None of the men he spoke to expressed any intention of seeking asylum; they simply want work and opportunity ​in the United States.

Melugin also ⁤captured ​footage of illegal immigrants pouring through breaches‌ in the border barrier, ‌with criminal human traffickers openly​ flaunting their actions. Shockingly, the⁣ U.S. Border Patrol did⁤ nothing to intervene.

In another alarming video, ⁤Melugin captured the detention of hundreds of military-aged men, ​many of whom appeared to be Chinese, by the U.S. Border Patrol.

Furthermore, Melugin ⁢encountered an illegal immigrant who profusely praised​ Joe Biden for enabling countless millions to cross ‌the⁢ U.S.⁢ borders ⁤without consequences.

“I love you, Joe Biden, thank you for everything, Joe Biden!” the man exclaimed.

Melugin also spoke with ⁤two African men who admitted⁤ they were not seeking asylum but rather came to ‌the United States for work and‍ opportunity.

These shocking revelations highlight the dire ​consequences of Joe ‌Biden’s immigration policies. Not only are American⁢ citizens being⁤ exposed to dangers, but criminal illegal immigrants are also left stranded at the border without shelter, food, or support.

Tens of thousands of individuals are flooding ⁤the border, believing⁤ that Biden has opened the door⁢ for them to enter without following the legal process.

America has always been a nation built⁢ on immigration, but it is⁤ crucial that immigrants come here to embrace our values,⁤ become naturalized Americans, and contribute to ‌our society. However, these individuals are solely motivated by money, with no regard for American immigration laws.

Thank you, Joe Biden, for creating a humanitarian crisis that endangers ⁣both American⁢ citizens‍ and those who are left stranded at ⁣our border.

The post ⁣ Illegal​ Alien ‌Praises Joe Biden after Crossing Border: ‘I ‍Love You…Thank You for Everything’ ⁤ appeared first on The Western Journal.

How does the chaotic situation at the border, as depicted by Melugin’s reporting, contribute to opportunities for criminal ‌human ⁣traffickers?

Ty in the‍ US

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) December 6, 2023

These firsthand accounts and videos from Fox News⁣ correspondent Bill Melugin​ shed​ light on the truth about illegal immigration at the southern border. It is clear⁢ that the⁤ majority of military-aged ‌males crossing the border are not genuine asylum seekers, but rather individuals seeking work and economic opportunities in the ⁤United States.

The scenes documented by Melugin ⁢are alarming and depict​ the chaotic situation at the border. ⁣The presence of trash, human⁤ feces, and breaches in the border barrier highlight the lack of control ⁤and​ enforcement by the U.S. Border Patrol. This not only allows for illegal ⁣immigration, but also creates opportunities for ⁣criminal human traffickers to exploit the situation.

Furthermore, the encounters with individuals from all over the world, including Chinese nationals and African men, who openly ⁤admit to seeking work and opportunity, further dispel the narrative that these individuals⁣ are solely fleeing persecution or seeking asylum.

Interestingly,‍ one illegal ⁤immigrant even⁣ expresses gratitude towards President Joe Biden for enabling​ their ⁢entrance into the country without ​consequences. This ⁤raises questions about the effectiveness of current border policies and the‍ message being sent to potential illegal immigrants.

Melugin’s reporting serves as a valuable insight into the reality of the situation at the southern border. It highlights the need for stronger border⁣ security ⁤measures, as well as a​ comprehensive immigration system that addresses both ⁢the ⁤economic needs of the United‌ States and the humanitarian concerns of those seeking asylum.

As the debate around immigration continues, it is crucial to have a balanced and informed⁢ perspective on the issue. ⁢The firsthand accounts and evidence provided by journalists like Bill Melugin play an important‍ role in shaping public opinion and driving discussions about potential policy changes.

It is imperative that proper⁢ attention is given to the truth about illegal immigration at the⁤ southern border and⁢ that policymakers work towards finding solutions ⁣that prioritize both national security and ⁤humanitarian concerns. Only through a comprehensive and thoughtful approach can ⁤the ⁢United States effectively address the challenges posed by illegal​ immigration.

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