To come out on top, the Right needs to ditch its old-school approach to organizing. It’s time to break free from the “that’s not how we do things” mentality and embrace new strategies. Let’s shake things up and pave the way for a victorious future.

Are conservatives falling behind in the game of political organizing? While the left has been honing their skills for nearly two centuries, the right has largely rejected this approach to their detriment. But what if conservative donors redirected a fraction of the money they spend on campaigns to building a school for conservative organizers?

This wouldn’t be a school for educating children, but rather a boot camp for adult conservative organizers to learn the tricks of the trade for real political organizing. And why reinvent the wheel? Conservatives could start with a curriculum pulled from the works of the left, which has made a study of organizing for political power.

Of course, teachers are only half the equation. Where might such a

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