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If Biden Gets His Way, Using Correct Pronouns Could Be A Human Rights Violation

President Joe Biden’s Department of Education will adopt new rules to civil rights laws this May, which would eliminate free speech as Americans have known.

These changes would inject gender ideology directly into Title IX of Civil Rights Act, erasing the long-standing distinction made by the Supreme Court between protected speech or punishable conduct.

Its 1999 ruling Davis v. Monroe County Board of EducationAccording to the Supreme Court, expressions such as speech cannot be considered harassment if they are verbal. “so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive” It can no longer be considered pure speech, and should instead be viewed as actionable behavior. In the process, the court emphasized that single instances of speech — no matter how offensive to the listener — do not rise to the level of harassment.

Biden’s administration deliberately confuses the lines between harassment and mere speech in order to make it more difficult for pronouns to be used. Students and faculty could be charged with violating Title IX if they refuse to use the name of another person’s professor. “preferred” pronouns.

Title IX investigations should, in principle, be mindful of First Amendment protections. They also need to follow the American standard for due process. A person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Title IX is usually reserved for sexual assault and harassment. Students and faculty can now be reported under the Biden administration for mere speech. This administration will steamroll the nation’s most important foundational principle by coercing and forcing speech.

The First Amendment, which protects speech in the U.S., allows for actions that communicate political messages. The Supreme Court ruled that the Nazi Party of America’s march in Skokie, Illinois and the burning of American flag were protected speech forms.

What is the truth? An administration of power-hungry college administrators is seeking to destroy freedom of speech using other means. It wants Canada to be our country. It is illegal in the Great White North to misuse pronouns. “human rights violation.”

The court in Canada ordered that the father stop referring to his daughter as a “girl” after a lengthy court battle. The court ordered that the father not comply, and a warrant for his arrest was issued in May 2021.

Although he had initially sought mental health treatment for his daughter, by the time of litigation, she was already receiving it. “transitioning” For two years. The father was sentenced to two years in prison for being a criminal.

Canadian professor Jordan Peterson in 2016 refused to use transgender pronouns. He also condemned Canada’s bill C-16 which codified gender ideology into Canadian law. Peterson now faces the College of Psychologists of Ontario. They threaten to suspend his psychology license if Peterson doesn’t use social media. “re-education.”

A Polish-Canadian pastor was sentenced to 51 days in prison for simply speaking to the truckers during the Canadian trucker strike 2022.

Canada’s totalitarian acts even reach political opponents. Maxime Bernier (leader of the People’s Party of Canada) was arrested in 2021 for protesting Canada’s authoritarian lockdowns. Bernier warned Americans that they should not take their freedoms for granted.

The United States has a long and proud history of protecting and enforcing the legal and natural rights of its citizens. Despite the rich history of liberty, there is a rapidly increasing desire by the left to control all forms of speech everywhere and at any time.

This trend is evident across the country. This trend is evident on all levels: from corporate offices to college campuses, from bookstores to social media platforms, the leftist elites are increasingly targeting speech. There is still much to be done.

Title IX is enforcing gender ideologies. What will happen to those students who don’t agree with this dangerous dogma. What happens to students who hold basic biology as a fact, namely that a woman cannot become a man, and vice versa. What happens to students who believe in traditional values and hold true to their faith.

It is alarming. These students could be subject to a variety of punishments including suspension or expulsion under this twisted version of civil rights laws. They will be treated like lawbreakers. Inevitably, they will be denigrated in the left-dominated public square. This will crush professional dreams and aspirations. Accept it or face the social penalty.

Biden is a bit confused about many things. Biden would do well to at least be able to distinguish between Canada and the United States.

“From Biden may get his way by using correct pronouns. This could be a violation of human rights

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