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Kids’ show promoting ‘Pride Month’: ‘Elmo loves you, Happy Pride!’

Sesame Street Celebrates Pride Month, Sparks Controversy

On Thursday, the iconic children’s TV series “Sesame Street” once again showed its support for June’s “pride month” with several tweets celebrating the sexuality-based month of recognition. While the show did not change its logo to rainbow colors like many other entities have, it did post several tweets pushing the left-wing celebration onto its tiny fans.

Pushing “Pride Month” on Tiny Tots

“Sesame Street” is aimed at children aged 2 to 5, an age where sexual activities should not even be part of a discussion. However, the show posted a video featuring actress Ariana DeBose, who identifies as “queer,” explaining the show’s “pride” celebration. Elmo added, “From our ‘Sesame Street’ family to yours, happy pride. Elmo loves you.”

Controversy and Criticism

Many Twitter users criticized “Sesame Street” for pushing sexuality on tiny tots. One user asked, “Isn’t this a show created specifically for pre-schoolers and very young children? Why not allow tiny ones to be innocent & carefree?”

Still, this is not the first time “Sesame Street” has pushed a left-wing agenda on small children. In 2021, the show featured fan favorite Big Bird urging little kids to get vaccinated, sparking controversy and criticism from some politicians and parents.


While “Sesame Street” has always been a beloved children’s show, its recent foray into politics and sexuality has sparked controversy and criticism. As parents, it’s important to be aware of what our children are watching and to have open and honest conversations with them about these topics.

Bill Proposed to Ban COVID Vaccine Mandates for Children

A sponsored legislation has been proposed to ban COVID vaccine mandates for little kids. The bill argues that the illness rarely affects people under 20 unless they already have serious medical issues.

Parent Poll: Would You Let Your Child Watch “Sesame Street”?

Would you let your child watch “Sesame Street”?

Is “Sesame Street” Pushing a Radical Agenda on Kids?

For decades, “Sesame Street” has been a beloved children’s show, teaching kids their ABCs and 123s. However, in recent years, the show has been accused of pushing a radical agenda on kids.

In 2021, the show introduced the concept of “racial literacy” to young viewers, which was just an excuse to push the far left’s intrinsically racist ideals of Critical Race Theory on kids who had only just learned to walk and talk. The show also introduced a gay couple for a “family day” episode, and welcomed cross-dressing actor Billy Porter to the show wearing his Oscars tuxedo dress.

That same year, the show pushed the far left’s “anti-racist” agenda with a half-hour special teaching kids how to be “anti-racist.” The special defined “racism” for young audiences and urged children to call out others who they suspect of being racist.

Parents, it’s important to keep a close watch on what your kids are watching. Sadly, every one of these shows that are supposed to be for kids perpetrates battles in the culture war, siding with the left to push a radical agenda on kids too small to even know they are being propagandized.

“Sesame Street” has a wholesome reputation, but it hasn’t lived up to that level for a long time. Parents beware.

Don’t let your kids be indoctrinated by leftist propaganda. Stay vigilant and protect your children from harmful ideologies.

Source: The Western Journal

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