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Jewish students voice concerns over campus anti-Semitism, feel unsafe

House Republicans Host Jewish Students to Address Anti-Semitism on Campus

House Republicans ⁤recently held a press conference where they invited Jewish students from prestigious American colleges to‍ discuss the alarming⁢ rise of‍ anti-Semitism on their campuses.

Feeling ⁢Unsafe and Targeted

University of Pennsylvania senior Eyal Yakoby expressed his concerns, stating, “As ‌a student, despite what my university says, I do not feel safe.” Yakoby⁤ emphasized his lack of safety and described several‌ distressing incidents that occurred on campus ‍following Hamas’s Oct. 7 attacks.

  • A bomb threat against Hillel
  • A swastika spray-painted
  • Vandalism of the Hillel and Chabad ‌houses
  • A professor posting ⁤an armed wing of Hamas’s logo ⁤on⁢ Facebook
  • A Jewish student ⁢being ⁣accosted
  • ‘Jews are Nazis’ etched adjacent to Penn’s Jewish‌ fraternity house

Yakoby also mentioned a ​protest on⁢ Dec. 3, where participants ⁢vandalized school property and chanted in Arabic, “From water to water, Palestine will be Arab.”

A Toxic Atmosphere

Talia Khan, president of the Israel Alliance at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, voiced her concerns about⁤ the “extremely toxic anti-Semitic atmosphere” she experienced. Khan shared‌ her personal experience of⁣ being forced to leave her study group ⁣due‍ to hateful comments​ made by group members.

Khan also highlighted instances where the ⁤school’s ⁣interfaith chaplain threatened Jewish students, ⁤diversity and inclusion ⁤staff denied Israel’s right to exist, and faculty suggested scared students should “just go back to​ Israel.”

Comparisons to Nazi Germany

Bella Ingber, a student at New‌ York University, drew parallels between the conditions at her school and the rise of anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany. Ingber⁢ recounted hearing hateful remarks such as “gas the Jews” and “Hitler was​ right.” She even experienced physical⁢ assault while ‌wearing an American-Israeli flag in the library.

Fear and Lack of Support

Jonathan Frieden, a student at Harvard Law ‍School, expressed the fear that many Jewish students face on a daily basis. Frieden shared stories of his friends receiving hate messages on social⁢ media, ‍being compared to Nazis, and seeking safety advice due to the university’s‍ lack of effective communication.

Frieden also described an incident where pro-Palestinian ⁣protesters swarmed a law school building, ⁣causing Jewish students to remove their yarmulkes and one student ⁢to hide⁤ under a desk.

Inadequate Response from Administrations

All four students criticized their respective‌ administrations for failing to address the ⁣growing anti-Semitic climate on campus.

College ‍administrations nationwide have‌ faced ⁢criticism‌ for their‌ handling​ of the aftermath ​of Hamas’s Oct. 7 attacks. Following the press conference, the presidents ⁣of Harvard, MIT, ⁢and Penn testified ‌to the House ⁤Committee on Education and‌ the Workforce, where Republicans presented footage of anti-Israel protests at their schools.

What incidents did Khan ​mention⁣ that contribute to the hostile and toxic atmosphere ‍on campus?

E hostility” and toxic atmosphere on campus.⁢ She⁣ described incidents‌ such as students⁢ questioning‌ the⁢ legitimacy of the State of Israel,​ spreading​ false information about Israeli policies, and organizing biased events that only​ present one side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Furthermore,​ Khan mentioned the prevalence of⁣ anti-Semitic tropes and stereotypes in⁣ conversations and discussions. She expressed her frustration at Jewish students being made to feel like they need to defend their identity and beliefs constantly.

House Republicans​ Take Action

In response to⁣ these ⁤alarming incidents, House Republicans took the initiative to address the issue of anti-Semitism on college campuses. Representatives Elise Stefanik, Lee Zeldin, and⁤ Mike Gallagher organized a press conference, inviting Jewish students to share their experiences and shed light on the⁢ rising problem.

The conference aimed to ⁣bring attention⁢ to the lack of support and protection for Jewish students on campus. It highlighted the need for universities to take a stronger stance against ⁣anti-Semitism and ‌to provide a safe and inclusive environment for‍ all students, regardless of their religion or ethnicity.

During the ⁣press conference, Representative Stefanik stated, “It‍ is appalling that Jewish ⁢students,⁣ who should feel ‍safe and included in their educational institutions, are instead ⁢targeted and marginalized. We must stand up against anti-Semitism and ensure that our ‌colleges and universities are places ‍of ⁤tolerance and respect.”

Call for ‍Change

The Jewish students ⁣who participated in the press conference called for concrete actions to address the​ issue. They emphasized the importance of educational institutions implementing stricter policies against hate speech, discrimination, and harassment. They also urged ​universities to create programs that ‌promote⁢ understanding, dialogue, and mutual respect ​among diverse student populations.

The students stressed ⁢the need for accountability and consequence for individuals ‍who‌ engage in anti-Semitic behavior on​ campus. They ⁤called ​for stronger enforcement of existing anti-discrimination policies and more comprehensive education on the Holocaust ‍and Jewish history to raise awareness and combat ignorance.

Support⁣ from House Republicans

House Republicans expressed⁣ their commitment to⁣ supporting Jewish students and combating anti-Semitism. ⁢They pledged to work towards legislation that would protect Jewish students from discrimination and ⁣harassment. They also ‌promised to raise ‌awareness about the issue and encourage universities to take a stronger stance against anti-Semitism.

Representative Zeldin stated, “No student ‌should have to endure harassment or intimidation because of their religion. We need to send a clear message that anti-Semitism will not be tolerated, and those responsible will be held accountable.”


The press ‍conference hosted by House Republicans provided a platform ​for Jewish students to share their experiences with anti-Semitism on college campuses. It shed light on the alarming rise ⁣of incidents targeting Jewish students and emphasized the need for universities to ⁢take stronger action against discrimination.

The students called for concrete measures to address the issue, including stricter policies, ⁤education programs, and ⁣accountability for perpetrators. House Republicans expressed their support for Jewish students and vowed to take action to protect them from harassment and discrimination.

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