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Gary Sinise pays tribute to his late son after cancer fight: ‘I am blessed, fortunate, and proud

Actor Gary ⁣Sinise Pays Tribute to ‍Late Son, Mac⁢ Sinise

Actor Gary Sinise ‍delivered a heartfelt tribute to his late son, McCanna Anthony “Mac” Sinise, who tragically‌ passed away ⁢from‌ chordoma, a rare form ⁤of cancer that affects the spine. In a recent tribute⁢ video, ​Sinise expressed his immense pride in Mac’s decision to⁤ join the ‍Gary Sinise Foundation and his dedication to helping veterans, first responders, and their families.

Aside from his philanthropic work, Mac was also a talented musician, particularly skilled on ​the drums. He even ‌had the opportunity to tour with Sinise’s Lt. Dan Band. Sinise‍ fondly recalled‌ Mac’s love for music and⁢ his ‍incredible talent.

However, tragedy struck when both Mac and his ⁤mother, Moira Sinise, were diagnosed ⁢with cancer within two months of⁣ each other. Moira battled Stage 3 breast cancer, while Mac fought against chordoma.⁢ Sinise⁤ described the⁢ shock and devastation of facing two cancer diagnoses ​in such a‌ short span of time.

Determined to understand and support​ his son,⁣ Sinise embarked⁤ on a research journey to learn everything he could⁣ about chordoma.​ While ‌Moira eventually went into remission and remained cancer-free, Mac’s cancer ‍returned and spread.

Despite being paralyzed⁣ from the chest down, Mac’s passion for music remained unwavering. With the help of former classmate Oliver Schnee and two members of the Lt.⁣ Dan Band, ‍Ben Lewis and​ Dan Myers, Mac ‌completed a musical composition he had started in college called ⁢”Arctic Circles.” The piece was recorded in July of 2023.

Mac’s mother suggested he learn to ‌play the harmonica, and he eagerly took up the instrument. Sinise shared⁢ a touching story of a ​friend, Medal of​ Honor​ recipient Sammy L. Davis, ⁣who played the harmonica while serving in‌ Vietnam. Mac recorded a rendition of “Shenandoah”​ on the ⁣harmonica as well.

These musical endeavors⁢ sparked a larger vision for ‍Mac, who wanted to create an entire album⁤ titled Resurrection & Revival.​ The ⁢album aimed ⁣to breathe new life into old or unfinished works. Unfortunately, Mac never got⁢ to witness the completion‌ of ⁢the ‌album, as he passed away on ⁢January 5,‍ 2024.

Sinise expressed the profound grief ​and heartbreak ​he and ‍his family experienced after losing Mac.‍ As someone who has worked closely with the families of fallen heroes, Sinise acknowledged the immense pain of losing a child.


Reflecting on Mac’s⁣ courageous battle‍ against cancer, Sinise drew a parallel to a scene from the ⁣movie “1917.”⁣ He likened Mac’s resilience to the soldier in the film who keeps getting up despite being knocked down repeatedly.

Mac’s ⁢strong Catholic faith played a significant role in his journey. Sinise shared a quote​ from St. Augustine that Mac cherished: “You⁢ have made‌ us⁣ for⁢ yourself oh‍ Lord, and our hearts are‌ restless until they rest in you.”

As a father, Sinise expressed his deep gratitude and⁣ pride ‌in being⁣ Mac’s dad. Despite the immense‍ loss, he remains thankful for the ⁢time they had together and⁤ the⁢ impact Mac made on the world.

How does Gary Sinise hope to inspire others through Mac Sinise’s story and the work of ​the Gary Sinise Foundation

Leted a music album titled “Fighting Chordoma” in ⁢2022, in which he channeled his emotions and experiences battling the disease. Sinise expressed how proud he was of Mac’s determination and resilience throughout his cancer journey and his unwavering passion for music.

In the heartfelt tribute video, Sinise shared cherished memories of Mac, highlighting⁢ his kindness, ⁤generosity, and love for helping⁣ others. He described how ⁤Mac’s choice to join the Gary Sinise Foundation was a testament to ⁣his character and his​ desire to⁤ make a positive impact on the lives of veterans, first responders, and their families. ⁣Sinise expressed his gratitude for Mac’s ⁣involvement in the foundation and his contributions to its‍ mission.

The video tribute also featured interviews with members of the Gary Sinise Foundation and highlighted the important work they continue to do ‌in Mac’s‍ memory.‌ The foundation aims ​to honor⁤ Mac’s legacy by providing support, resources, and⁤ opportunities to ‍those who have served and sacrificed for their country. Sinise expressed his hope that Mac’s story⁤ would⁣ inspire others to get involved and make a difference in the lives of those ⁣in need.

Sinise also emphasized the importance of⁤ cherishing every moment with loved ​ones and living a life of purpose and gratitude. He ‌shared how Mac’s ⁣courage and strength continue⁢ to inspire him and motivate ⁣him to carry on the work of the Gary Sinise Foundation.

The tribute video concluded with Sinise inviting viewers to join him in honoring Mac’s memory by donating to the Gary Sinise Foundation and supporting its mission.⁣ He⁤ expressed his deep​ appreciation for the love and support received ​from the community and ​conveyed his hope that‍ Mac’s legacy would live on through the foundation’s work.

In addition to the tribute video, Sinise also shared a heartfelt message on Twitter, thanking everyone for​ their support and encouraging ​others to join him in honoring Mac’s legacy.

The loss of a loved one to cancer is undeniably heartbreaking, but in the face‍ of tragedy, ⁣Gary⁢ Sinise ‍pays a touching tribute to his late son, Mac Sinise. Through his⁤ words and⁢ actions, Sinise continues to honor Mac’s memory and⁤ legacy, ensuring that his spirit lives on ⁤in the philanthropic work of the Gary Sinise Foundation.

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