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PA governor predicts I-95 reopening in 2 weeks after collapse.

Gov. Josh Shapiro Provides Update on I-95 Overpass Collapse

Gov. Josh Shapiro (D-PA) delivered an exciting update on Saturday regarding the collapsed I-95 overpass. Just days after a tragic incident where a fuel tanker truck caught fire beneath the bridge, resulting in the loss of the driver’s life, Shapiro took to Twitter to share his confidence in the situation.

“Today, I can state with confidence: We will have I-95 open within the next two weeks,” Shapiro tweeted. “We are going to get traffic moving again — thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our incredible union trade workers and our all hands on deck approach.”

Live Press Conference with President Biden

Shapiro also held a live press conference to discuss the update, and to everyone’s surprise, President Joe Biden made an appearance as part of his reelection campaign. However, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was noticeably absent from the President’s press conference, where Biden assured the public that the highway would be restored “ahead of schedule.”

“The Federal government committed that we’re gonna reimburse 100% of this phase of the work and well over the first 200 days,” Biden said. “And then after that, 90% of the work. We’ll be here until the end. We won’t leave until it’s finished.”

Federal Funding and Ongoing Construction

According to the Department of Transportation website, while the Federal Government provides funds to help build the Interstate System, it is the responsibility of the states to own and operate the roads. As of May, the Highway Trust Fund has more than $94 billion available for such projects.

Gov. Shapiro has pinned a tweet to his account, showcasing a livestream of the ongoing construction work to repair the impacted portion of I-95. The construction efforts are taking place 24/7, demonstrating the dedication and commitment of the workers involved.

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Tragic Incident and Demolition Completion

The collapse of the overpass occurred after a tanker truck carrying a “petroleum-based product” caught fire near Cottman Avenue early Sunday morning. The fire not only caused the northbound overpass to collapse but also compromised the structural integrity of the southbound lanes. Fortunately, the demolition of the overpass was successfully completed on Thursday.

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