Hunter Biden’s plea deal reveals the troubled life of the Bidens and the corrupt DOJ.

After all the way that the public has been visually assaulted by Hunter Biden, you’d think the least the media could do is acknowledge us as the victims. But they can’t even do that.

Following the announcement this week that the president’s lowlife embarrassment of a son has reached a sticky-sweet plea deal with the Justice Department regarding his tax evasion and illegal gun possession, news outlets immediately set to work explaining that not only was it all following the standard legal process — but that Hunter himself was actually a victim!

The Media’s Sympathy for Hunter Biden

The Washington Post on Wednesday ran an article under the headline, “The complicated relationship between a presidential father and a struggling son.” (One of the fundamental rules of the media is that if a scandal implicates a Republican, it’s very clear-cut who the villain is, but if it implicates a Democrat, well, things are more “complicated” and not so white-and-black!)

A sappier piece couldn’t have been written by Hunter’s publicist. Reporter Matt Viser wrote in the article that the plea deal, widely criticized by legal experts for its absurd leniency, “could bring closure to a long-running legal saga that has thrust to the forefront a complex relationship between a presidential father and a son recovering from addiction.”

Yeah, yeah, Hunter just got off after years of being investigated, during which time videos and photos have surfaced of his drug binges and sex with prostitutes. But there’s a much more human story to be told here about how the son of a president is recovering from addiction and the complex relationship he has with his dad.

The Post’s tribute reached the height of comedy in declaring that Hunter’s life “is on far more stable ground than it was four years ago,” reasoning that he has a son named after his late brother, has remarried, and paid a visit to the White House in order to walk his daughter down the aisle during a wedding ceremony.

Wow, it seems like only yesterday that Hunter abandoned the daughter he had with a stripper. He originally denied she was his child and now is suing to have his child support payments reduced. (Bonus: Joe Biden, who has pledged to restore the soul of America, won’t even acknowledge his grandchild exists!)

Was it that long ago that Hunter was expelled from the military for doing drugs? That he unlawfully purchased a firearm? That he struck up an intimate relationship with his dead brother’s widow?

How time flies! But I’m glad to hear he’s on far more stable ground. That’s the real story, isn’t it?

The New York Times similarly wrote with sympathy that the Justice Department’s probing of Hunter “focused on a particularly chaotic and unseemly period in Hunter Biden’s life when he was addicted to crack cocaine.”

Obscene? Scandalous? Nah! Chaotic and unseemly due to the tragedy of addiction? That’s the ticket.

Anyone unfortunate enough to have seen all or any of the repulsive material on Hunter’s notorious laptop couldn’t possibly come away from it telling themselves, “That poor soul.” They would wonder why the president doesn’t hang his head in shame about it.

All of this is peripheral to the much larger issue of the Bidens’ nakedly corrupt influence-peddling scheme wherein foreign actors appeared to pay exorbitant sums of money to Hunter in exchange for political favors secured with his father’s help (not to mention the strong evidence that Joe Biden himself received bribe money). But if the media aren’t going to regard any of that as a legitimate crime or even wrongdoing, I’d appreciate it if they at least didn’t portray the cokehead as the victim with daddy issues.

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