FBI agent tells Congress: Hunter Biden probe progressed sluggishly.

An FBI Special Agent Testifies⁤ on Slow⁣ Progress of Hunter Biden Investigation

An‍ FBI special agent recently appeared before the House Judiciary Committee to testify about the Department of Justice’s investigation‌ into Hunter ⁤Biden. The ‌agent, Thomas⁣ Sobocinski, expressed ⁣his frustration with the slow pace of the investigation, echoing the concerns raised by IRS criminal investigators earlier​ this year.

“I would have‍ liked⁣ for it to⁣ move faster,”⁢ Sobocinski stated during a⁢ closed-door interview with the‌ committee.

Sobocinski emphasized that his ​main focus in the Hunter​ Biden case was to move it ⁣forward towards a resolution, although he did not‍ provide specifics​ on what ​that resolution entailed. During the interview, Sobocinski, accompanied by a DOJ and FBI lawyer, avoided answering many questions posed by Chairman ‍Jim⁤ Jordan and committee staff.

One topic repeatedly brought up during the ​interview was the statute of limitations for potential tax crimes committed by Biden in 2014 and 2015.‌ Sobocinski ‌declined to discuss the details,⁤ stating that the investigation was ⁣ongoing and that he was not in ⁣a ⁣position to address specific ​concerns.

It‌ was revealed⁣ in June that the lead prosecutor in the case, David Weiss, intended to⁣ bring‍ misdemeanor tax charges from 2017 and 2018,⁣ as well as ​a‍ felony gun charge against Biden.⁤ Sobocinski confirmed his presence at two crucial meetings mentioned by IRS whistleblowers in their May testimony ​before Congress.

The whistleblowers claimed ‌that the October 7 meeting ​was a ‌turning point for them, as they believed senior DOJ officials were obstructing their investigation to protect Biden. ‍Sobocinski did not provide details ⁣about the ‌substance of either meeting but stated that he always believed Weiss​ had the necessary authority to bring charges against ​Biden.

Sobocinski’s ⁣testimony came just before House Speaker Kevin‌ McCarthy announced an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, ‌which would⁣ also investigate whether Hunter Biden received special treatment from⁣ the ⁤DOJ. Sobocinski is one of the individuals that House ⁣Republicans are interested in​ speaking with as​ part of ⁣their ⁢investigation into the alleged‍ special treatment.

While Judiciary Committee ranking member Rep. Jerry Nadler argued that Sobocinski’s testimony contradicted that of the IRS whistleblowers, a legal entity representing one​ of the whistleblowers stated that ⁢they had not seen ⁢the leaked transcript⁢ and could not comment fully. However, they⁢ noted​ that⁢ the whistleblower had⁤ contemporaneously documented the ​meeting, which differed from​ trying to recall⁢ information a year⁢ later without notes.

The IRS⁣ whistleblowers have maintained consistency in their disclosures to Congress, according to a Judiciary Committee spokesperson, who criticized individuals like David Weiss, Merrick Garland, and their associates for their lack of⁢ consistency.

Source: The Washington Examiner

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