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Hundreds of Academics Urge George Washington University To Suspend Anti-Semitic Professor

Lara Sheehi claims that a ‘right-wing cabal’ made ‘baseless’ claims against her George Washington University professor Lara Sheehi. / Twitter

Over 500 academics have called for George Washington University’s suspension of a professor who called all Israelis “racist,” It would be argued. “highly inappropriate” Jewish students are forced to attend her class.

The academics, not all of whom are Jewish or Zionist, say the university should not force “Jewish and Israeli students to take a course” with psychology professor Lara Sheehi. Lara Sheehi, psychology professor, online remarks “rife with profanity and hateful rhetoric against Zionism and Israelis,” According to the group consisting of mental health specialists and university professors. 

This letter follows allegations made by Sheehi’s Jewish student in a federal civil rights complaint They claimed that the professor had discriminated against them in a compulsory diversity course, and then retaliated when confronted about her anti-Semitic remarks. The academics claimed that the Jewish students’ claims are false. “quite plausible” In light of Sheehi’s public remarks.

“Imagine the scandal that would erupt if a group of students from another background—Black students, Muslim students, or LGBT students—alleged that their professor excluded and shamed them based on their religion, ethnicity, national origin, or sexual orientation in a required course on diversity,” The academics wrote in an open letter Last week, to the university. “The calls for such a professor’s resignation or removal would be swift and severe.”

George Washington University taps a “third party” The federal complaint against Sheehi was filed shortly after Sheehi’s allegations were made. Sheehi was immediately investigated. The university did not respond when we asked for comment.

Sheehi Deleted her Twitter account following a Washington Free Beacon report on the complaint, as well as other comments she has made, including accusing Zionists of having a mental illness and that Jewish people They can cause severe injury. “violence” By their mere presence. She Her own response was published Last week, the allegations were made that a large number of people had been involved in an illegal drug deal. “right-wing” Campaign by the Free Beacon and other groups to defame professors, like her “who critically engage settler-colonialism, white supremacy, anti-blackness, gender (especially trans issues), sexuality, disability, reproductive rights.” She also attacked StandWithUs anti-Semitism watchdog, which assisted in filing the complaint. “baseless.”

“I have been targeted specifically because I am an Arab woman whose scholarship and activism advocates for Palestinians and, in the process, critiques Israeli settler-colonial Apartheid,” Sheehi said. Sheehi didn’t respond to a request.

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