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Humberto Fontova: Biden Team Renews “Law-Enforcement” Partnership with Terror Sponsors

“U.S. sending delegation to Cuba to restart talks on law enforcement,” Recent reported Reuters. “U.S. A spokesperson for the State Department said that concerns regarding counterterrorism would be addressed.

“Trump placed Cuba on the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism shortly before his term ended in January 2021, and the Biden administration has been reviewing this since taking office. The meeting will be the first of its kind since the law- enforcement dialogue, which was started in 2015 under former President Barack Obama, was stopped in 2018 under Trump as he rolled back his predecessor’s historic detente with Communist-ruled Cuba.”

And just how did Obama’s “dialogue” with terror-sponsoring Cuba’s snickering KGB-trained apparatchiks work out, you might ask? 

Well: The deepest and most damaging penetration of the U.S. Defense Department by an enemy agent in recent history was pulled off by a spy working for the terror-sponsoring, drug-smuggling Castro regime. The spy’s name is Ana Belen Montes, known as “Castro’s Queen Jewel” in the intelligence community.  In 2002 she was convicted of the same crimes as Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. Montes was recently released from prison after serving 20 years of her 25 year sentence. Only a plea bargain spared her from sizzling in an electric chair, like the Rosenbergs.

Promptly upon Montes’ conviction, a Cuban spy named Gustavo Machin, who worked under diplomatic cover in Washington D.C. (and thus enjoyed “diplomatic immunity”Together with 14 KGB-trained Cuban associates, he was all removed from the U.S.

As is normal in these cases, the FBI and Defense Intelligence Agency were carefully circumspect in describing the cause for Gustavo Machin’s expulsion from the U.S. But given that it came shortly after Ana Montes’ conviction and sentencing—and especially as her escape from the Rosenberg’s fate stemmed from her cooperating with prosecutors (singing)—given these circumstances it’s pretty much a slam-dunk that Machin was her accomplice in espionage. Therefore, he was quickly expelled. 

Well, back in January 2020 shortly before Obama vacated the White House, this very Gustavo Machin was invited by the Obama team to personally participate in a U.S. security brainstorming session involving the U.S. Southern Command, which serves as our nation’s command center on the war on drugs.

There’s a reason, amigos. Obama directed U.S. intelligence agencies in one of his final acts as president. “share” Information regarding the terror-sponsoring Castro regime, which is drug-smuggling. Here’s how the AP described the executive orders:

“The Obama administration and Cuba’s Interior Ministry (KGB and STASI-trained spy and secret police apparatus) have agreed to share information on international criminal activity such as terrorism, human trafficking and money laundering despite Republican objections to U.S. law-enforcement cooperation with President Raul Castro’s government.”

This was the official White House announcement 

“The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) will support broader United States Government efforts to normalize relations with Cuba, with Intelligence Community elements working to find opportunities for engagement on areas of common interest through which we could exchange information on mutual threats with Cuban counterparts.”

I suppose there’s something to be said for “exchanging” intelligence on terrorism and drug-smuggling with the hemisphere’s top terror-sponsor and drug smuggler. “Better to have the skunk inside the tent p*ssing out,” LBJ made a joke about his partnership with J. Edgar Hoover (FBI head). “than outside p*ssing in.” 

“Keep your friends close” This is the famous adage. “Keep your enemies closer.” 

But something tells me Obama and his people didn’t view the “exchanges” with the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate (habitually mislabeled as “Cuba” By the media and Obama State Department. Vito Corleone, like Vito Corleone, viewed his exchanges of ideas with fellow Mafiosi. 

The proof of the Obama team’s appalling bone-headedness (unless it was something worse) was not long in manifesting:

Obama’s “Kumbaya-with-Castro” directive was adopted in January 2017 (and it includes “exchanges” Information on drug-smuggling. Well, here’s what was discovered in April 2017:

“Panamanian authorities have intercepted over 401 kilos of cocaine in a shipment from Cuba en route to Belgium. The cocaine was found in a container camouflaged by molasses tanks.”

It is important to note that the European newspaper broke the story and it was then distributed throughout Latin American newspapers. The U.S. media (the same one that hysterically blew gaskets about Trump’s dubious “leaks” “collusion”) studiously “overlooked” it. Yes, the mainstream media carefully tippy-toed around reporting a gigantic drug-bust by a criminal organization located barely 90 miles from U.S. shores which was making daily headlines because of Obama’s “historic” It is a partnership. 

Two years prior, terror-sponsoring Cuba had been caught red-handed smuggling weapons (including missiles) to North Korea

Well, imagine the media feeding frenzy if a sophisticated U.S. missile suddenly went missing– and popped up in Russian hands precisely during President Trump’s sensitive security meetings with Russian officials embracing them as trustworthy U.S. allies. 

Imagine the Saturday Night Live skits depicting President Trump as vainglorious and pathetic wuss if he meekly asked for the return of the valuable missile –and the Russians laughed in his face.

Imagine the Jimmy Kimmel monologues ridiculing President Trump as a doofus or dangerous buffoon (if nothing worse) for insisting that—despite all of the above—the Russians were all sweetness and light and our trustworthy partners in national security.

Imagine the media/deep-state chaos if, after all the above, the president invited terrorist-sponsoring stealth U.S.military technology to U.S. vital U.S. strategic brainstorming sessions as well as to inspect U.S. vital military installations!

All of the above actually happened, but there was a very subtle and delicate response from mainstream media.

Cuba’s theft of U.S. missile technology Just during Obama’s “Kumbaya with Castro” Report by the WSJ here.

However, the Biden team seems to be keen on continuing their partnership with Castroite foxes to guard the henhouse.  

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