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Hugo Gurdon predicts Trump’s advantage with a crowded GOP field.

The Winners and Losers of the Growing GOP Field for Presidential Nomination

The Washington Examiner’s Hugo Gurdon recently shared his insightful analysis on the current state of the Republican Party’s presidential nomination race. In an appearance on Fox News’s Mornings with Maria Bartiromo, Gurdon discussed the potential winners and losers in a field that continues to expand.

Gurdon emphasized that the sheer number of Republican candidates, including some lesser-known figures, could ultimately work in favor of former President Donald Trump. He predicted that this large pool of contenders would “split the vote and allow [Trump] to run through the middle.” Interestingly, Gurdon made his television appearance on the same day that Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, a Republican, announced his candidacy.

The Serious Contenders

According to Gurdon, there are currently only two candidates that Republicans are truly taking seriously. The first is former President Trump, who remains a dominant force in the race. The second is Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida. Gurdon believes that DeSantis poses a “much, much more serious threat” to the Democratic Party than Trump. Despite this, more candidates continue to enter the race, even though the polls heavily favor Trump and DeSantis.

Gurdon pointed out that Trump has previously lost to President Joe Biden, and with Biden already launching his reelection campaign, it may be time for another candidate to challenge him. In Gurdon’s view, DeSantis is the most formidable opponent for the Democrats. However, the other candidates find themselves at the bottom of most polls, with little chance of gaining significant traction.

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Reputation-Building Candidates

Gurdon also expressed his belief that some of the candidates at the bottom of the scale are primarily running to enhance their reputations. They see it as an opportunity to add “presidential candidate” to their resumes and use it as a talking point in future conversations. However, their chances of making a significant impact on the race are minimal.

The Republican National Committee has set a standard for participation in its primary debate, requiring candidates to have at least 1% favorability in the polls.

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