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Huckabee: Biden’s 2024 Democratic flop is like damp bottle rockets.

Former Arkansas Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee Compares President Joe Biden to Soaked Bottle Rockets

During his appearance on Hannity, former Arkansas Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee drew an amusing analogy, likening President Joe Biden to a “pack of bottle rockets soaked in water all night.” This comparison arose while discussing the possibility of Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) becoming the 2024 Democratic nominee, despite his current decision not to challenge Biden.

Gavin Newsom’s Candid Admission

Huckabee commended Newsom for his recent interview with Sean Hannity, highlighting the rarity of Democrats engaging in such discussions. However, Huckabee believes that deep down, Newsom recognizes the lackluster potential of Biden’s candidacy. “Truthfully, [Newsom] knows that Joe Biden is like a pack of bottle rockets that have been soaked in water all night. They’re never going to ignite,” Huckabee remarked. He further emphasized that Biden’s nomination would be detrimental to the Democratic Party.

Hannity and his guests, including Huckabee, conservative commentator Charlie Hurt, and Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), recalled Newsom’s previous denial of running against Biden while evading questions about Democrats urging him to challenge the president.

The Future of Biden’s Nomination

Huckabee expressed his belief that Biden will either face a formidable challenge from a prominent Democrat like Newsom or be persuaded to “step aside.” “Joe Biden won’t be the nominee, one way or another,” Huckabee confidently stated. “He’ll either be defeated, or somebody will convince him it’s time to step aside, go to Delaware, drive the Corvette, and go through all those boxes of classified materials that he kept.”

Hurt and Jackson shared similar sentiments. Jackson predicted that Newsom would likely become the next Democratic nominee for president, while Hurt cautioned against overlooking the potential candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. “I could see Democrats going with [Newsom] as the consensus, but the real barbarian at the gate would be RFK Jr. I would love to see what he would do to his party,” Hurt mused.

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