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Biden official criticized for promoting Saudi Arabia deal on 9/11.

Outrage Over Biden Official’s Praise for Saudi⁣ Arabia on 9/11 Anniversary

On the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, a Biden administration official sparked outrage on social media by‌ publicly praising Saudi Arabia. National Security Council representative Adrienne Watson posted on Twitter at 9:23 a.m., just minutes after the moment a second plane crashed into the World Trade Center.

The timing of the ⁢post drew criticism, with many ⁣questioning why such praise was given on a day of remembrance for the tragic events of 9/11. One Twitter user wrote, “9/11 shouldn’t be the day to ⁤talk about this,” while another exclaimed, “How tone deaf…”.

The Biden administration’s praise for Saudi Arabia is particularly controversial due to a 2016 report that revealed links between Saudi​ nationals⁤ and the 9/11 terrorists.⁤ The report was declassified by ⁣the Biden administration in 2021, adding to the⁤ frustration expressed by the⁢ public.

Family members of the 9/11 victims also ⁢expressed their‌ dissatisfaction, stating that ‍the Saudi connection needs to ⁣be resolved for them to find closure. They feel that both the Saudi government and their own government should be held accountable for the tragedy.

Amidst the criticism, it was noted that President Joe Biden chose to be in Alaska on the anniversary of 9/11 instead of visiting⁣ one of the hallowed sites of the attacks. This decision further fueled ‍concerns and raised questions about the administration’s priorities.

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