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How The Transgender Lobby’s Obsession With Its Own Victimhood Breeds Violence

The media has turned a school shooter in Nashville into a martyr, despite the fact that the perpetrator identified as a man despite being a woman. The radical left and corporate media use the shooter’s trans-identification to give her victim status, even though she committed a premeditated attack that killed six people. Identity politics now establishes the ultimate standard by which an individual’s behavior is judged, and it requires Americans to give a pass to members of a group based on their rank on the victim totem pole.

Trans Lobby’s Claims of Victimhood

Instead of condemning the act of violence, the trans lobby and its mouthpieces are using the deaths of children to elevate their own victimhood, exempting them from blame or culpability. Identity politics requires individuals to affirm the absurd, like denying the biological reality of sex differences and outlawing criticism of preferred policies such as the dismemberment of healthy body parts and the promotion of drug injections in children.

The issue is not just the hypocritical treatment of those identifying as transgender, but also their incessant calls for violence against groups that refuse to cater to their radical ideology.

The Left’s Rhetoric Encourages Violence

Leftists redefine the meaning of violence, pushing the idea that a person’s thoughts about someone can pose an existential threat to their life. The media amplifies the trans lobby’s fever dream that legislation banning child mutilation amounts to genocide. This incendiary rhetoric convinces vulnerable individuals that they are at risk of extermination. Such twisted logic may help excuse why a transgender-identifying person shot up a school.

Examples of extreme rhetoric are easily found. Trans activists on Twitter proclaimed “hate has consequences” and pointed at Tennessee’s recent law that protects minors from mutilative transgender surgeries. Some activists insinuated violence against those who disagree with trans ideology. Trans activists called off the “Trans Day of Vengeance” in Washington D.C., claiming victimhood when their own threats of violence were cited as a reason for cancellation.

The victim mentality of the transgender lobby only breeds more violence. It’s time to condemn acts of violence, regardless of the perpetrator’s identity, and stop excusing or justifying them in the name of identity politics.

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