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Candace Owens shocks viewers with media’s tactics in ‘Convicting A Murderer’.

Candace Owens Exposes the Truth Behind Steven⁤ Avery’s Guilty Conviction

Candace Owens ⁤gave a sneak peek at her upcoming Daily Wire+ series “Convicting a Murderer” and⁤ revealed​ that viewers were ⁤misled by⁤ the Emmy⁢ Award-winning Netflix series “Making ⁣a⁣ Murderer.”​ According ⁤to Owens, the real victim in this case isn’t Steven‌ Avery.

In an ⁤interview with⁣ Daily Wire’s Michael ⁣Knowles, Owens​ spilled some details about her new 10-part series⁣ that uncovers the shocking ⁤truth behind one of the most​ controversial criminal cases ‌in recent history.

While Avery’s case gained popularity through “Making a Murderer,” which​ portrayed him ‍as an innocent victim of ‍corrupt law⁢ enforcement, Owens insists‍ that there’s more to the story⁤ of Teresa Halbach’s murder than what‍ was shown in the ⁣Netflix series.

According to Owens, the documentary makers‌ intentionally manipulated ‌people’s emotions and portrayed Avery, who she describes as a “very‌ aggressive person,” ⁣as a potential angel. She believes​ viewers will ⁤be “shocked”‍ at how far​ the media will go ⁤to sell an‍ idea ‌and how often they ‍omit crucial facts.

Owens ⁤reveals that the real victim in this case was ⁢Teresa⁣ Halbach. ​She describes Halbach as a young woman in her early 20s, just starting her life, who was brutally murdered by ​Avery. Owens emphasizes the horrific nature of the crime, stating that Halbach was raped, ‍mutilated, and cut up into pieces. ​The media’s portrayal of Avery as innocent⁣ led to the unjust attack on ⁢Halbach’s devout Catholic family.

Owens aims to tell ​the story of the real victim in this case ⁤and expose the misleading narrative created by the filmmakers. She ⁢emphasizes that the young woman who lost⁤ her life in unimaginable ways is the true victim, not Avery. Owens promises viewers a journey ​filled‌ with⁣ shocking plot twists.

The first two episodes of “Convicting a Murderer” will ⁤be available for free on DailyWire+ on Friday, ⁣with early access ‌for members‌ starting⁢ on Thursday. Episode one will also be viewable ⁢on the DailyWire+ ⁤YouTube channel and‍ on X. The remaining seven‌ episodes will be ​released weekly on the subscriber-based streaming service every ‍Thursday.

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