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Biden’s Silent Ally Withdraws Support

President Joe Biden has consistently promoted environmental policies without disturbing the oil industry. However, recent ‍decisions, including a pause on new U.S. liquefied natural gas exports and restrictions on oil ‌drilling, have caused industry ​supporters to rethink their stance. Meanwhile, Biden attempts ⁢to balance these moves with green energy advocacy, including numerous climate initiatives under⁢ the Inflation Reduction⁤ Act. This has led to ‍increased scrutiny, particularly concerning a recent meeting between Trump and oil executives, rumored to ‌be aimed‌ at campaign fundraising.

President Joe Biden has pushed forward environmental policies throughout his tenure in office while still keeping the oil industry content, but recent moves have caused many to take a second look at his opponent prior to the November election.

Last year, U.S. oil production reached an all-time high, something the Biden administration has not highly publicized, in an attempt to keep alternative energy activists from turning up the volume on their concerns to his commitment to their policies. Biden has pushed for green energy, touting climate policies and laws like the Inflation Reduction Act, which has included several climate initiatives, while not making too much of an enemy of the oil industry.

His attempt to straddle both sides appears to have hit a head with recent actions, most notably his decision to pause on new U.S. liquefied natural gas exports to non-free trade agreement countries. The decision, along with his limitations on oil drilling across the country — specifically in Alaska — has caused some in the industry to reconsider their quiet support.

Trump recently met with oil executives in a dinner at Mar-a-Lago that has come under scrutiny from Democrats. Trump was reportedly looking to woo the executives to donate to his campaign, while touting what he would do in a second term to benefit his campaign. He was seeking high dollar donations from the executives, as he still battles a hefty campaign across the country and in the courtroom.

The New York Times reports that MAGA Inc., a super PAC supporting Trump, held a fundraising lunch later in the month in Houston, Texas, with three oil industry executives hosting the event. The outlet reported that to some in the industry, the decision to pause new U.S. LNG exports was a “wake-up call” on Biden’s energy policy, and it could ultimately amount to support for Trump in November.

Biden has worked to garner the support of environmental groups, with the Democratic base being vocally in favor of alternative forms of energy from fossil fuels. He has the backing of many environmental groups, with four of the major organizations endorsing him last year.

In the announcement of the endorsement, Sierra Club National Executive Director Ben Jealous said Biden “has acted courageously during a critical inflection point in the climate fight” and added that “no other administration has done more to move us forward.” While there was high praise in the June 2023 statement, the group still made clear in the announcement that they would “continue to hold this administration accountable when it falls short” and aired their problems with environmental policy.


Environmental matters are only one matter that the Biden administration has looked to straddle as the president runs for a second term.

Mass protest votes over the White House’s stances on the war in Gaza have also caused problems for Biden’s reelection effort, with the administration continuing to evolve on that matter.

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  1. The Biden legacy will be one of government leadership failure both domestically and intenationally. Leading that list of failures will be family, his family corruption while in and out of office, run away inflation, wide open borders, resulting in Chinese illegal drugs passing throgh Mexico killing Americans, chinese other nationalalies by the millions coming into our Country unchecked, decisions resulting in American lives lost like Alfghanistan withdrawal, Ukraine” Russian incursions are no big deal” and ofcoure Israel who he has turned his back on in favor of Iran just like Obama Kerry have, Everything biden has touched has turned to sxxx, worst decisiom maker ever, now after total reckless spending he wants another four years with no solutions to resolve any of the diasters he created ,resolve any of the issues that confront everyday Americans. thinking is anti American an his values are that of a crime lord, time for major correction with the leadership of America stariing with biden. and his band of misfits.

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