House censures Rep. Adam Schiff for Trump-era investigations.

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5:26 PM – Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The House Censures Representative Adam Schiff

The House of Representatives took a bold step on Wednesday by censuring one of its own members, Democrat Representative Adam Schiff. Schiff faced criticism for his remarks about former President Donald Trump and his role in leading the first impeachment investigation against the 45th president.


A censure is the House’s formal rejection of a lawmaker’s wrongdoing. Even in today’s polarized political environment, condemnation of this magnitude is somewhat rare.

The vote, which ended with a 213-209 party-line split, came exactly one week after a previous attempt to reprimand Schiff was defeated. However, this time, the resolution gained the support of 20 Republicans who had previously opposed it due to concerns about a $16 million fine.

Representative Anna Paulina Luna, the author of the resolution, managed to secure the backing of these GOP dissidents by removing the language regarding fines.

Following the vote, Schiff was called to the House floor to receive a verbal reprimand from Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The Democrats expressed their disapproval with shouts of “Shame!” and “Disgrace!”

The resolution also mandates an investigation by the House Ethics Committee into Schiff’s censure, with six Republicans voting present.

“The perpetrator of this web of deceit became mainstays on cable news, waking up every morning with one goal: to lie, lie, lie to the American people that there was direct evidence of Russia collusion,” Luna said in a floor speech prior to the vote.

The investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

During the Trump administration, Schiff served as the chairman and ranking member of the Intelligence Committee. He became the face of Democrat-led accusations, alleging that members of Trump’s 2016 campaign team colluded with Russia to undermine Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

Schiff is currently running for an open Senate seat in California.

In January, McCarthy, a staunch ally of Trump, removed Schiff and Rep. Eric Swalwell from the Intelligence Committee.

“I think once Donald Trump threatened that any Republicans who didn’t go along with his effort to censure me were going to get primaried, they fell in line… They just cannot stand up to this most unethical, now-indicted president,” an angry Schiff told reporters on the steps of the Capitol before the vote.

“As [Franklin D.] Roosevelt said, sometimes you can judge a person by the enemies they make,” he continued. “Judging from the kind of crazy people that were on the floor today in support of this resolution, I’m doing really well measured by that standard.”

Schiff now joins the ranks of the 25th member of Congress to be censured by the House. Previously, Rep. Paul Gosar, a Republican and member of the hardline Freedom Caucus, was censured for sharing an edited anime-style video on Twitter depicting him killing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The last censure occurred over a decade ago when the House censured Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charlie Rangel for various ethics violations.

Despite the censure, Democrats continue to support Schiff, particularly those who worked closely with him on the Intelligence Committee.

“Adam Schiff did his job. He spoke the truth, and he held Donald Trump accountable,” said Rep. Jason Crow.

However, many viewers found Crow’s assertion puzzling and foolish, expressing their opinions on social media platforms.

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