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House Judiciary requests Wray to revise his statement denying FBI censorship.

House ⁣Judiciary Committee Republicans Challenge‌ FBI Director’s Testimony on Free⁤ Speech

House ‌Judiciary Committee ⁢Republicans have called‌ on FBI Director Christopher ⁣Wray to​ revise ⁤his testimony ⁣regarding the ​bureau’s⁣ stance ⁢on free‍ speech. In a⁤ letter ‌obtained ⁢by the‍ Washington Examiner, ​the Republicans​ expressed their concerns⁤ that Wray’s testimony contradicted a⁤ recent court ruling that ⁢found evidence of “substantial‍ censorship”⁣ by⁤ the FBI.

“Your testimony conflicts⁢ with‌ the findings⁤ of ⁤the federal court​ in‌ Missouri v. Biden, which specifically noted ‍that the FBI flagged ‌domestic speech as potential disinformation and that the FBI ‘significant[ly]‍ encourage[d]’⁢ social⁣ media‍ platforms to ⁣take certain actions ‌with ⁢respect to content,”

During‍ a regular ​oversight hearing⁤ before the committee, Wray denied ‌allegations​ that the​ FBI ⁢pressured​ social‍ media⁤ companies‌ to censor ‍or ‍suppress‍ content. He‌ emphasized that the bureau’s focus⁤ was on⁣ foreign hostile⁤ actors ⁢interfering with ⁣social‌ media⁣ content.

“At the end ⁤of ⁣the​ day, we ⁤[the FBI] are‍ very clear‌ that⁣ it’s up to the social ‌media‍ companies‍ to do something‍ or not,” ⁣Wray ⁣stated.

The Republicans ⁤pointed to Judge ⁢Terry A. Doughty’s ⁣ruling,⁤ which ⁢highlighted ⁣instances where ‌the FBI⁣ flagged⁤ “domestic disinformation” for social media ⁤companies leading up‌ to the⁤ 2020 election. The ruling also suggested that the ‍FBI may⁣ have misled social media platforms‍ into​ suppressing ⁤the ‌Hunter⁢ Biden⁣ laptop story, falsely believing ⁣it to​ be ‍Russian disinformation.

The‍ lawmakers​ provided‍ copies​ of ⁣emails⁣ they had obtained, ⁣including⁤ one where an⁢ FBI agent ‍asked Facebook ⁣to confirm⁢ the removal‍ of certain ⁤accounts.‌ This evidence, ​along ‍with⁢ the court ruling, led ‌the Republicans⁢ to question Wray’s ⁢testimony.

“This discrepancy ⁣between your testimony‌ and the⁢ information we ‌have obtained leads ​us⁣ to ⁣conclude that either you ⁣misled‍ the Committee⁢ about ⁣the ⁣FBI’s‌ interactions with social ⁣media⁢ companies ⁢or⁤ that you were not fully ‌aware⁣ of⁣ the egregious and​ unconstitutional actions⁤ of the FBI you administer,”

The Republicans urged Wray to⁤ amend ⁣his testimony, which is currently documented in the congressional‌ record. ⁤This ‌request comes⁤ shortly‌ after Judiciary​ Committee Chairman⁢ Jim Jordan ‌warned ‌Wray⁣ about potential‌ contempt charges⁢ if⁤ he fails to comply with multiple​ subpoenas.

The ⁣Washington Examiner has​ reached out to ‍the⁤ FBI for​ comment.

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