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House Freedom Caucus proposes spending back-up plan to save $100 billion for Americans

A ‌Group of House⁤ Conservatives ⁤Request Update on Spending Negotiations

A ⁢group of‍ House conservatives, led by Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) and members of the Freedom ‍Caucus, are urging Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) ‍to provide an update on spending ‍negotiations. With looming deadlines that could result ⁢in a government shutdown, the conservatives‍ have‌ also proposed ‍a backup ‌plan that would trigger across-the-board ⁣spending⁣ cuts if their desired policy concessions are not met.

The current stopgap measure‍ is set to expire​ in ‌two stages, with funds‍ approved for ‍some federal agencies until March 1 and money allocated‍ to ​other departments until⁤ March 8. However, the fiscal 2024 appropriations⁢ process remains incomplete.

“With ​the expiration of government funding​ rapidly approaching, ⁢negotiations ‍continue⁤ behind closed doors and as a result, we anticipate text for likely omnibus legislation that we fear will be released at the latest moment before being‍ rushed to​ the floor for a vote,” the conservatives wrote in their letter to Speaker ⁣Johnson. ⁤”House Republicans should not be left in the dark on the status of the spending levels and hard-fought policy provisions.”

The lawmakers ‍are specifically seeking an update on spending talks, including provisions supported‌ by the ‌majority⁤ of‌ Republicans and their constituents. These ⁤provisions cover various​ issues such as ‍border security, ‌student⁣ loan forgiveness, gender transition surgeries,⁣ “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion” orders, and more.


If Congress fails⁢ to pass 12 appropriations bills,​ last year’s ⁣debt limit deal, known as the Fiscal Responsibility Act (FRA), mandates a 1% cut⁢ to defense and non-defense programs based on fiscal 2023 levels. This cutback‌ is expected to be enforced if ⁣lawmakers cannot meet the April 30 deadline.

While Democrats are likely to oppose such a broad⁤ cutback, members of the Freedom Caucus are ​open to the idea. They view the “far from ⁣perfect” FRA as ‌a​ meaningful step towards restoring regular order and an‌ opportunity‍ to reduce spending ‌and reverse President⁢ Joe Biden’s policies.

The letter ⁢concludes⁣ by⁣ questioning the need ⁢to proceed if significant policy changes cannot be secured ‍or if spending exceeds the caps adopted by ⁣bipartisan majorities less than⁢ a year ago. The conservatives‍ propose passing a year-long ⁤funding resolution that would save Americans $100 billion in the first‍ year.

What ‍are the potential consequences of ​not addressing the concerns raised by the ⁢group of House conservatives regarding spending negotiations?

Ng, it is imperative for Speaker Mike ​Johnson to provide an update⁢ on spending ⁢negotiations,” the group of House conservatives emphasized in a joint statement. “We cannot afford to‌ proceed with higher spending levels and preserve all of President Biden’s ‌policies without ⁣obtaining significant policy wins and substantial reductions in spending.”

The conservatives, led by Rep. Bob Good of Virginia and members of the Freedom Caucus, are concerned about the impending deadlines that could lead to a government shutdown.⁣ They have proposed a backup plan that would trigger ​across-the-board spending cuts​ if their desired policy concessions are not ⁣met.

Currently, a stopgap measure is in place, which is ⁣set to expire in two stages. Some federal agencies have funding approved until March 1, while allocations for ​other departments extend until March 8.​ However, the fiscal 2024 appropriations process remains incomplete, adding to the urgency of the situation.

In their⁣ statement, the conservatives highlighted the need for ⁣lower spending levels and substantial policy victories. They are⁢ questioning the⁤ rationale for proceeding with higher ‍spending levels and preserving all of President Biden’s policies if their desired outcomes⁣ cannot be ‍achieved. Their concerns stem from a desire to ensure fiscal responsibility and a commitment to their ‌constituents.

The House Freedom Caucus, through its official Twitter‌ account, expressed the need for an update ‍on spending negotiations.⁤ They shared the joint statement and emphasized⁣ the importance of addressing these issues before government funding expires.

As the debate over spending negotiations continues, it is essential for Speaker Mike ‍Johnson to address the concerns raised by the⁣ group ​of House conservatives. Failure to provide an update and address ⁢their policy concerns could potentially lead to⁣ a government shutdown. The consequences of such an event would have far-reaching impacts on‍ various sectors and the American people.

The⁤ House conservatives’ proposal of a backup plan demonstrates their commitment to responsible governance. They understand the importance ⁢of fiscal discipline and the need for policy concessions that align with their principles.

In ⁢conclusion, the‍ group ⁤of House conservatives led by Rep.‌ Bob Good and members of the Freedom Caucus is requesting an update⁢ on spending⁣ negotiations. They have proposed a backup plan that would trigger⁤ spending cuts if​ their⁣ desired policy concessions are not met. With looming deadlines and an incomplete appropriations ⁣process, it is crucial for Speaker Mike Johnson to address⁣ these concerns​ in order to avoid a government shutdown and ensure fiscal ⁣responsibility. The future of spending negotiations hangs ⁢in the balance, and the American people await⁣ a resolution that prioritizes their interests.

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