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House Freedom Caucus Chairman Responds As White House Lobs Spurious Claims At Spending Cut Proposal

The White House has criticized a budget proposal from the House Freedom Caucus, but the group’s senior lawmaker, Scott Perry, calls these criticisms “preposterous.” The Biden administration proposed a budget framework earlier in the month which calls for tax hikes on wealthy individuals and businesses, and an increase in spending from $5.8 trillion to $6.9 trillion. In response, members of the House Freedom Caucus – a bloc of conservative Republican lawmakers – presented a proposal that would set topline discretionary spending at the fiscal year 2022 level for a decade and allow for a 1% annual growth.

The release of the budget proposals comes as negotiations between President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) over the debt ceiling are underway. The House Freedom Caucus will consider voting to raise the debt ceiling contingent upon acceptance of their budget framework, as well as moves to rescind the $400 billion White House student loan cancellation plan, the $80 billion recently allocated to double the size of the IRS, and unspent stimulus funds passed during the lockdown-induced recession. However, the stringent demands were met with claims from the White House that the framework would “make our borders less secure” and “defund the police.”

Chairman Scott Perry argues that the rebuttal from the Biden administration is not a serious counterargument to the proposal. He suggests that this latest tactic is a disgusting attempt to distract, deceive, and deny President Biden’s record-setting incompetence, which has resulted in law enforcement and the American people being endangered. The White House added that the proposal would raise “costs for families.” However, inflation rates have more than quadrupled since Biden assumed office two years ago.

Perry believes that nearly every significant deficit reduction agreement since 1980 has emerged from a negotiation regarding the debt limit. He adds that President Biden refuses to negotiate with Congress despite the fact that the Constitution and the law require the federal government to pay its debts. Perry says that if Biden chooses to default on America’s debt for political reasons, that is on him and him alone.

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