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House does not approve border security bill aimed at satisfying Johnson’s conservative side

The House‍ rejected‍ a revised border bill introduced by Speaker ⁤Mike ⁣Johnson⁣ to address concerns from hardline conservatives regarding foreign ‌aid to ‍Ukraine and​ Israel.​ The vote of 215-199 fell short of the⁢ required two-thirds majority. Only five Democrats supported the bill, showcasing the divide within ⁤the House on this issue. The House declined the updated border bill ⁣by Speaker Mike Johnson, aiming to address hardline conservatives’ objections about foreign aid to Ukraine and Israel. With a 215-199 vote, it missed the necessary two-thirds majority. Merely five Democrats backed the bill, underscoring the House’s split⁢ on the matter.

The House rejected a revised version of its signature border bill, offered by Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) as a way to appease some hardline conservatives upset with the Republican leader over his proposed foreign aid supplemental package to Ukraine and Israel.

Lawmakers voted 215-199 to shoot down the border security package, falling short of the two-thirds majority threshold needed to pass the House under suspension of the rules. Only five Democrats voted with all Republicans in favor of the border bill.

Johnson introduced the latest border bill as a way to appease those on his right flank who were upset the speaker’s proposed foreign aid package did not include any measures to address the crisis at the U.S. southern border. Its failure comes on the same day lawmakers are set to vote on the foreign aid proposals, although the border legislation was not included in that larger package that is expected to be sent to the Senate.

The latest iteration, named the End the Border Catastrophe Act, is largely based on H.R. 2 that passed the House last year. The bill includes several measures to limit the number of immigrants allowed into the country to seek asylum while also seeking to revive some Trump-era immigration policies that were dismantled under President Joe Biden.

However, the bill is slimmer in comparison to the original bill text, prompting anger among some hardliners who accused Johnson of using the proposal as a way to stave off threats to his speakership.

“It’s a theatrics, shiny object,” said Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). “It’s the shiny object for Republicans that are saying we got to do something for the border.”

Meanwhile, Johnson must contend with a threat from Greene to oust him from his top leadership position after the Georgia Republican filed a motion to vacate late last month. Although she has not said what would be a trigger for her to force a vote on his ouster, Greene has repeatedly said it could be determined by what Johnson does in relation to Ukraine aid.


Johnson, for his part, has brushed off any threats to his speakership.

“Listen, my philosophy is you do the right thing and you let the chips fall where they may. If I operated out of fear over a motion to vacate, I would never be able to do my job,” Johnson told reporters on Thursday. “I do not spend my time walking around thinking about the motion. I have a job to do here.”

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