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House Democrats caution Speaker Johnson about including harmful policy provisions in the congressional budget battle

Senior House Democrats Warn Speaker Mike ⁤Johnson Not to Give ⁤in ⁣to Conservative Demands

Senior House Democrats are sending a strong message⁣ to Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), urging him not to cave to conservative demands for controversial policy riders in proposed legislation to prevent ⁤a ⁣government shutdown next week.⁤ In⁤ a letter addressed to‍ Johnson on Friday, more than​ a dozen Democrats called for the advancement of​ must-pass appropriations bills without any “harmful ⁢poison policy riders” proposed by members of the House Freedom Caucus. This warning adds pressure to Johnson as he navigates the⁣ government spending ⁤fight just days before federal funding is set to lapse for several agencies.

“We are extremely concerned that the House Republican Leadership continues to advocate for policy riders that have been shown time and time again to be‌ unpopular with the American people and obstacles to‍ completing the appropriations process,” the ‍letter states. “Again, after a series of missed deadlines and missed opportunities, advancing ⁢appropriations legislation free of​ poison pill provisions represents the only responsible path forward. We owe it to the American people to expeditiously pass appropriations bills⁤ that meet the urgent needs of today and invest in America’s future.”

The letter, signed by prominent ⁤Democrats including Rules Committee ranking member Jim McGovern (D-MA) and Progressive Caucus Chairwoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), is a​ response to a list of⁤ demands released by the House Freedom Caucus earlier this week. These demands include policy provisions that have been previously rejected by Democrats and even some centrist​ Republicans. Examples ​of ⁢these ⁤provisions ⁤are defunding the Pentagon’s abortion travel policy, prohibiting funding for gun registries and red-flag gun laws,‍ and ‌blocking attempts by the Biden administration to ‌remove parts of the southern border wall.

Members of the Freedom Caucus argue that if these demands are not included in a government spending bill, Congress should instead pass a one-year stopgap bill that implements​ 1% budget cuts⁣ across the ‍board. However, Democrats are pushing back against this proposal and urging Johnson to⁤ stick to the government spending‍ levels agreed upon between the ⁣speaker and Senate⁢ Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) last month.

“We strongly believe Congress must appropriate adequate ‌funding for non-defense discretionary programs,” the lawmakers wrote. “Enacting ⁣domestic spending levels below⁣ the $773 billion levels agreed by Speaker Johnson and Leader Schumer would threaten the health, safety, security, and economic well-being​ of our constituents.”

The approach Congress will take to ‌avoid a government shutdown before the March 1 deadline is​ still uncertain.‍ However, there have been discussions among House GOP leaders about packaging‌ appropriations bills into minibuses. According to sources, this​ move would likely be accepted in the Democratic-led Senate. Talks are⁤ ongoing between House and Senate‍ leaders, and a funding ⁣proposal could be released as early as Sunday evening.

House Republicans are scheduled to hold a member-only meeting on Friday evening to ​discuss the way forward on appropriations. The first batch of bills set⁤ to expire provides ⁤funding for⁤ Agriculture, Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Energy and Water. The deadline to pass the remaining appropriations bills is March 8.

How has the ​House Freedom ‌Caucus influenced the inclusion‍ of controversial policy riders in appropriations bills?

Uded policy riders ⁢related to immigration, healthcare, and environmental ⁣regulations, among​ others. The letter emphasizes the importance of moving forward with appropriations bills that ‌address ⁤the pressing needs of the⁣ American people,⁣ rather than being bogged down by controversial riders that have the ⁤potential to hinder progress.

The House​ Freedom Caucus, a group of​ conservative Republicans, has often pushed for policy riders in an effort to advance their own agenda. However, these riders ‍have often proven to ‍be unpopular and have hindered the passage ​of ‌important legislation. The senior House Democrats who signed the letter are urging Speaker Johnson not to give in to these demands and instead focus on ​passing bills that prioritize the urgent needs of the country.

With a government shutdown looming in the coming week, it is crucial that Speaker Johnson navigate this spending fight without being swayed by harmful policy riders. The American people deserve a functioning government that addresses⁤ their⁢ needs and invests in the future of the nation. By advancing appropriations bills without⁤ controversial provisions, Speaker Johnson and his fellow Democrats⁢ can demonstrate‍ their commitment to responsible governance and effectively serve ​the interests of the‍ American people.

It is clear that ⁢the ⁣Democrats who signed the letter believe that the American people should‍ not be held hostage to‍ the demands of a small group of conservatives. ⁢They argue that it is time for ⁣the House ⁢Republican Leadership to ​prioritize the⁤ needs‌ of ⁤the‍ country over divisive policy riders. The letter serves as a reminder​ to Speaker Johnson that making concessions to the House Freedom Caucus would only further hinder ‌the appropriations process and delay progress ‍on vital issues.

As⁣ the deadline for federal funding⁣ for several agencies approaches, the ​pressure ⁢is on Speaker Johnson to make the⁣ right decision and prioritize the urgent needs‌ of the American people. The senior House Democrats who signed the letter have made it clear that they will not tolerate harmful policy⁢ riders and expect Speaker‌ Johnson to ‍act in the best‍ interest of the nation. It‍ remains to be ⁣seen how⁣ Speaker Johnson will respond, but⁣ the implications of his decision⁢ will undoubtedly ⁢shape the path forward for ​government funding and the priorities of the House Republicans. The American people will be watching closely to‍ see if⁢ Speaker Johnson chooses to cave to conservative ⁣demands or stands strong in delivering responsible governance.

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