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Terrifying Daytona Speedway incident: NASCAR racer’s car flips multiple times in brutal crash.

NASCAR Driver ⁢Ryan Preece Survives Terrifying‍ Crash at Daytona Speedway

After a heart-stopping crash that​ sent his car rolling ‍multiple times at⁤ Daytona International ⁤Speedway, NASCAR driver Ryan Preece‍ has been discharged from the hospital and is ⁣on⁢ his way home just 12 hours⁣ later.

The Wreck: ⁣A ⁤Harrowing View

Witness‍ the intensity of the crash from these two angles:

Despite the terrifying ordeal, Preece was able to climb out ⁣of his mangled No. 41 Ford with assistance before being taken to the​ hospital for ‍observation.

Preece’s‍ Remarkable Recovery

Stewart-Haas Racing has confirmed that Preece is now⁣ heading⁢ back to North Carolina after receiving clearance‍ from ‍doctors at⁢ Halifax Health Medical Center. The team reported that Preece‌ is “awake, ⁤alert, and mobile” and has been in contact with his loved ones.

Preece⁤ himself‌ took to Twitter a few hours after​ the race, declaring, “If you want to be a race car driver, ​you better be tough. …⁤ I’m coming back.”

The Next Gen Car: A⁢ Lifesaver

Preece’s ability⁣ to ⁣escape the wreckage with assistance​ is‍ a testament to NASCAR’s Next Gen​ car, which is hailed as‍ the safest ​version in ⁤the sport’s 75-year history. The car’s​ improved ⁤safety features have ⁤significantly reduced the number of missed races and reported ‌concussions in ‍2023.

Previously, the car faced‍ criticism for​ its vulnerability ⁢to rear-impact collisions, which ⁢caused severe injuries to drivers⁣ like ‍Kurt Busch and Alex Bowman. However, NASCAR has spent⁤ considerable time testing⁤ and refining the car ⁢to‌ minimize the G-forces experienced by drivers.

A Reminder of NASCAR’s Safety Progress

Preece’s crash ⁤brings back ⁣memories of Ryan Newman’s harrowing wreck in the 2020 Daytona 500. Newman’s survival, along with Preece’s, showcases the safety improvements made by NASCAR since the tragic death of Dale Earnhardt in 2001.

As NASCAR continues ⁢to prioritize driver safety, incidents⁤ like Preece’s serve as a reminder of ​the ⁢risks these ⁣athletes face⁤ and the importance of ⁢ongoing safety advancements.

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