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Shocking Hunter Biden Texts Reveal True Character

Horrible New Hunter Biden Texts Prove Just How Terrible of a Person He Really Is

It seems that every scrap of information that comes out about Hunter Biden, the worse he and his father look, and that is no less true after texts recently released show how he cut off money and communications with the mother of his child.

The texts show that Biden’s then-pregnant girlfriend, Lunden Alexis Roberts, suddenly found in 2018 that Biden had stopped communicating with her. And then, when his baby was born, he cut off financial and medical support and refused to even accept a photo of his newborn baby.

“In hopes that you even read this – Baby was born Aug 28. Beautiful & Healthy,” Roberts wrote in a text on Oct. 16, 2018. “If you ever become curious and want to know more I can send pictures, details, or whatever you may request.”

“I know that’s a long shot and you’d much rather avoid the whole situation,” she continued, “but just wanted you to know the door is always open for you in the baby’s life.”

The texts and other information about Biden’s lack of support and interactions with his own child have been revealed during the court case now ongoing in Arkansas, initiated after Biden decided to try and cut off Roberts once again after she was forced to take him to court to finally get some support from him for his own child.

Navy Joan Roberts, the child who was legally determined to be Biden’s by DNA testing in 2019, is now four years old and has been disowned by Biden since she was born.

Biden has been twisting and turning and throwing up every road black he and his lawyers can think of to avoid taking responsibility for his child.

He has claimed to be too poor to afford child support, despite selling his “paintings” for hundreds of thousands of dollars. And he was even seen taking private jets to his court dates.

The judge in Biden’s case has about had it with the presidential son’s obstructive actions and has begun to treat Biden as a hostile party in the case.

But the case is the least of it. What Biden has done to his poor little daughter is disgusting and makes him a no account of a man. What real father could so callously cut off his own daughter like that?

As the Beacon noted: “The text messages show Hunter Biden dropped out of contact a few months into her pregnancy, cut off her salary and health insurance shortly after she gave birth, and declined to even see a photograph of his newborn daughter. He had initially put her on his company’s payroll, likely to provide her with health care during the pregnancy. The messages show she did not go to court to seek child support until several months after Biden cut her off from his company’s health insurance.”

Biden has even lied about his relationship with Roberts. He claimed that he did not remember her because when they met in 2017, he was a drug addict and had multiple sex partners. But the text messages show that they were often in contact with each other early in her pregnancy. Indeed, they talked to each other about the pregnancy.

Biden also added Roberts to the payroll of one of his shell companies, Owasco P.C., so that Roberts could get healthcare coverage for her pregnancy.

Roberts then told Biden via text that she was leaving Washington, D.C. and moving home to Arkansas. But by then, Biden had stopped communicating with her. And not long after, he removed her from the payroll and cut her off financially.

Maybe the apple doesn’t fall too far from the corrupt tree, though. Especially considering that Joe Biden has also refused to recognize his own granddaughter. Indeed, both Joe and his wife Jill have supported Hunter in his ignorant, hateful treatment of his daughter and their own grandchild.

It seems like being less than a responsible man runs in the Biden family.

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