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Homeland Security sees white conservatives as radical threats in training materials.

AFL Exposes DHS Programs Characterizing White People and Conservative Values as Radical

Get ready to be shocked! America First Legal (AFL) has obtained documents from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that reveal the agency’s programs are characterizing white people and conservative values as tilting towards radicalism. An internal memo dated Jan. 29, 2021, just nine days after Biden was sworn in as the president, talks about a “Choose Your Own Adventure” game-like training exercise. The exercise details five storylines, called “story branches,” that put forward scenarios involving fictional radicalized characters.

The main characters of four story branches are visually portrayed as white individuals who are presented as slowly slipping into violent radicalism on issues like abortion and government control, among others. The exercise participants put themselves as a third party in these storylines to make decisions about how they will deal with the radicalization.

Here are the details of the story branches:

– Story Branch 1 is about a white high school student named Jamie who has a couple of conflicts with Asif, who is from an ethnic minority. In one incident, Jamie shoves Asif into a locker. In another incident, Jamie hurls racial epithets against Asif. In a third incident, Jamie is characterized as yelling at his girlfriend and flashing a gun.
– Story Branch 2 is about a white man in his late 30s who makes posts on “radical sites with violent tendencies,” yells at his wife, and then talks about heading to a political rally to mess with counter protesters.
– Story Branch 4 is about a white woman in her mid-40s who is a pro-life advocate. She becomes “increasingly devout” after the death of her mother. The woman also gets increasingly fervent about her pro-life stance to the extent that she asks a preacher whether the Bible justifies violence in defense of life. She then shares videos of violent protests with her hairdresser who notices the “more militant language.”
– Story Branch 5 is about a divorced white woman in her mid-30s who becomes “fixated on conspiracy theories regarding government connections to child abuse and trafficking.” In one instance, her boyfriend notices that she was searching through “more bizarre and frightening conspiracies involving political figures.”

The remaining story branch is about a female from an uncertain race who becomes an extremist due to concerns about animal cruelty. The documents were obtained via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The documents also reveal that DHS planned out a “Family First” photoshoot which involved everyday people doing everyday tasks “to emphasize that domestic terrorism can happen to anyone.” The photoshoot campaign was aimed at encouraging family members to “talk to each other” about radicalization.

The AFL post on May 8 states that the government is using taxpayer dollars to “expand its capabilities to deem innocent people as ‘extremists’ or ‘domestic terrorists.'” This is a serious concern, and we need to be aware of the government’s transformation into a domestic intelligence organization and a Stasi-like Deep State internal.

It’s important to note that a memo from August 2020 calls domestic violent extremism (DVE) the “most acute terrorist threat inside the United States.” Among DVEs, white supremacist extremists (WSE) are classified as “the most persistent and lethal threat.” Between 2018 and 2019, WSEs were responsible for eight of the 16 lethal DVE attacks and caused 81 percent of the deaths from such attacks, the memo states. “The most lethal of those attacks involved active shooter incidents in public locations or houses of worship using semiautomatic weapons,” according to the memo. “We expect WSEs to continue to target racial and religious minorities as well as other vulnerable communities.” The remaining half of the lethal attacks in 2018–2019 were attributed to black supremacists, anarchists, sovereign citizens, anti-government violent extremists, and other violent offenders who had multiple or unknown motives.

Let’s stay vigilant and informed about the government’s actions and policies that may affect our lives.

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