Actor confesses to actions in North Dakota as a precaution.

Hollywood Actor Josh Duhamel Reveals His Doomsday Prepper Lifestyle

Josh Duhamel, known for his roles in “Transformers” and “Shotgun Wedding,” is not just preparing for his next movie role. Instead, he’s getting ready for a doomsday scenario. In a recent interview with the culture-science publication Inverse, Duhamel admitted that he’s become a bit of a prepper.

He’s learning how to hunt, has wells, water, and fuel, and is building a place to take his family in case “things go south.” Duhamel has two small cabins in North Dakota and lots of acreage. He started with one little cabin in the woods with no electricity and no water, but now he has two cabins with wells and electricity. He’s even growing crops out there.

What Inspired Duhamel to Become a Prepper?

Duhamel was inspired to begin prepping after reading a book called “Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse” by survivalist author James Wesley Rawles. The prepping life has kept him busy ever since.

He has a tractor, a skid steer, and has learned how to change tires, oil, and fix things. He’s even bow hunting deer, fishing, and growing vegetables. His outpost is complete with flushing toilets and three wells. He even has entertainment with TVs and fast internet thanks to Elon Musk’s Starlink.

It’s safe to say that Duhamel is not “roughing it” anymore. He’s living his best prepper life and is ready for anything that comes his way.

Source: The Western Journal

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