Historic Hollywood Actor Strike Ends

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OAN’s Abril‌ Elfi
11:46‌ AM – Wednesday, November 8, 2023

The SAG-AFTRA actors’ union‍ reached a tentative agreement with studios⁣ after 118 days on strike.


Breaking News: The SAG-AFTRA actors’ union strike has finally come⁤ to an end after a record-breaking 118 days. The SAG-AFTRA ⁤TV/Theatrical​ Committee unanimously approved the agreement, marking a⁣ significant⁤ milestone in the industry.

The agreement will now be presented to the ⁤union’s national board for final‌ approval on‌ Friday.

The strike, which began ‌on ‌July 14th, caused a major disruption in the entertainment industry for nearly four months, raising concerns about‍ its⁣ future.

The Alliance⁤ of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), representing the studios, engaged in negotiations with the union throughout the year to reach a resolution. Both⁣ parties have expressed satisfaction with ‌the⁤ accord.

The union’s president, Fran Drescher, hailed the pact as “historic,” while‍ the studios described‍ it as a “new paradigm” for Hollywood, television, and performers.

“We did ‍it!!!! The Billion+ $ Deal! 3X the ‍last contract! New ground ‍was broke everywhere! Ty ⁤sag-aftra⁣ members for hanging in and holding out for this historic deal!” he said.

The union officially announced that⁣ the ⁣strike would end at midnight on Thursday.

“The AMPTP is pleased to have reached a tentative agreement and looks ⁣forward to the industry resuming the work ⁤of telling great stories,” the studios said in a statement.

The specific terms of the⁣ agreement, which require approval from the union’s‍ members, have not been disclosed yet. The union ⁢will release ​the details once the board of directors has evaluated the‌ agreement.

However, the union has described ⁣the billion-dollar agreement as “extraordinary,” highlighting⁣ significant pay raises, AI protections, a ‍streaming participation bonus,⁤ and improved benefits.

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How do both parties involved in the tentative agreement describe its significance for Hollywood, ⁢television, and performers and‌ what does this “new paradigm” ‌mean for the future of the industry

What a month⁤ it has been in the entertainment industry! After an intense 118-day strike, the SAG-AFTRA actors’ union has reached a tentative agreement with studios, marking⁤ a significant milestone for both parties involved.

The strike began⁢ on July 14th and has caused substantial disruption in⁤ the industry for nearly four months. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), representing the studios, engaged in negotiations with⁣ the union throughout the year in ⁤an effort to⁣ reach a resolution. The‌ strike raised concerns about the future of the entertainment⁣ industry, but now there is hope for a brighter ⁢future.

The SAG-AFTRA TV/Theatrical Committee ⁣unanimously approved the agreement, signaling their support for the tentative deal. This approval is a significant ‍step forward and sets ‍the stage for the union’s national⁤ board to review and give final approval on Friday.

Fran Drescher, the union’s president, hailed the agreement as “historic.” The⁢ specific terms of the ​agreement have not been ​disclosed⁤ yet, but ⁤both parties have expressed satisfaction with the accord. The studios themselves described it as a “new ⁤paradigm” for Hollywood, television, and performers.

The strike’s end comes as a relief to many within the industry. ⁢It had been a challenging period for actors,⁢ studios, and fans alike. The impact of the strike was felt far and wide, disrupting numerous productions and causing‌ delays in the release of films and television shows.

With​ this tentative agreement, the industry can now resume its work of telling great stories. The AMPTP, representing the studios, expressed their pleasure⁢ in reaching a tentative agreement and looks forward to the industry moving forward.

The strike may be over, but the ⁢impact it had ⁣will not be forgotten. It serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by actors and the importance​ of fair treatment and compensation. The agreement reached between ‍the SAG-AFTRA actors’ union and the studios is​ a testament to the‍ power of​ collective bargaining and the determination ⁣of those involved.

As for the future, it remains to be seen how this agreement will shape the industry moving forward. Will it set a precedent​ for future negotiations? Will it address the concerns raised by the strike? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, ⁢let us celebrate the end of ⁣a historic strike and look forward to the incredible stories that will once again grace our ‌screens. The‍ dedication and resilience of the actors and union members involved have made a lasting impact on the industry, ‍and they deserve our appreciation.

So, here’s to the end of the strike and to a bright future for the entertainment industry. May ‌it continue to captivate⁣ and inspire audiences around the world.

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