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75,000 unhappy health care workers may strike this week.

More than ⁤75,000 Kaiser Permanente Health-Care Workers Prepare to Strike

Get ready for the biggest healthcare strike in US history as over 75,000 ⁤Kaiser Permanente health-care⁣ workers gear up to walk off ⁤their jobs. The ‍Coalition of Kaiser⁣ Permanente Unions, consisting of ‍eight unions, has been in discussions with the company ​over “unfair labor practices.” Despite ‍”good discussions,” an agreement couldn’t be reached, leading to a three-day strike starting Wednesday.

The union coalition‍ emphasized that this strike will be a⁤ powerful demonstration⁢ of their strength and determination. ​They stated, ⁣”If Kaiser continues to commit‌ unfair labor practices, we are prepared to engage in another longer, stronger strike in ⁢November.” They also highlighted the possibility of additional members joining from Washington ‍state‌ if Kaiser fails to agree to ​their terms.

The strike will impact medical staff such as nursing assistants, optometrists, pharmacists, X-ray and laboratory technicians, genetic counselors, and others. However, doctors, registered nurses, and hospital managers are⁣ not included. With the coalition representing about 40 percent of Kaiser’s workforce, significant⁤ backlogs in scheduling care at affected ⁢facilities are expected.

The coalition expressed frustration with Kaiser executives, stating, “Kaiser executives ⁢have the power to solve ⁢this problem. But, despite‌ reporting more than $3 billion in ‍profits in the first six months‍ of this year, they are choosing not to.”

Some of the issues raised ‍by the coalition include addressing staffing shortages, protecting against ⁣subcontracting and outsourcing, and canceling⁢ remote⁤ work.⁤ Despite Kaiser’s optimism about reaching‌ an⁢ agreement, the strike seems inevitable.

Rest assured, ‌contingency plans are in place to ensure members continue to receive safe, high-quality care during‍ the strike. Stay tuned for updates on this historic health care strike.

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How has Kaiser Permanente responded to the accusations of⁤ unfair ⁢labor practices?

EnezCNN)‌ October 15, 2019

The strike, which is set to begin on Wednesday, October ⁤16, will see a wide range of healthcare workers, including nurses, therapists, technicians, and⁣ administrative staff, walking off their jobs. This will undoubtedly have‍ a significant impact on patient care and create ⁣a challenging situation​ for the‌ healthcare provider, Kaiser Permanente.

The main point of contention between the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions and the company⁤ is‌ the accusation of unfair labor practices. Specific‌ issues include subcontracting, wages, and workplace ⁢conditions. The unions argue that Kaiser Permanente is not living up to its promise of providing ​high-quality ‌care for all by⁢ cutting back on staffing and outsourcing ⁢jobs ⁢to cheaper contractors. They also claim that the company is not doing enough to address workplace safety concerns and ensure fair compensation for their members.

According‌ to the ‌Coalition of Kaiser⁣ Permanente Unions, negotiations have been ongoing for several months. Despite some progress and what the unions describe as “good discussions,”⁤ the⁣ parties have been unable to reach an agreement that satisfies both sides. The three-day strike is their way of making ​their dissatisfaction known and expressing their desire for improved⁢ working conditions and fair treatment.

In preparation for the strike,⁢ the unions ‌have been organizing⁢ picket lines, rallies, and other ‌actions to build support and raise awareness of their cause. They have also been‌ reaching out to communities, elected officials, and other unions to garner ⁣as much support as possible.

Kaiser Permanente, on ⁢the⁣ other hand, argues that ‍they have been negotiating in good faith and have made significant concessions to address the concerns of the unions. They have⁢ emphasized their commitment ⁢to providing high-quality care and state that they have offered pay increases, improved ⁤benefits, and measures to address workplace⁣ safety.

However, with over 75,000 workers⁤ ready to strike, it is clear that there is a⁢ disconnect between the two sides. The scale of this strike is⁤ unprecedented in the history of healthcare labor disputes ​in the ​United States. It highlights the increasing dissatisfaction among healthcare workers who feel that their working conditions are being compromised and their voices ⁤are not being heard.

The impact of this strike will not only be felt by Kaiser Permanente but also by the patients who⁤ rely on their services. With a shortage ⁣of⁣ staffing, patient care will ⁣inevitably⁢ be affected, and delays in treatment and longer wait times can be expected. This raises concerns about ⁣the potential compromise of ‍patient safety and the overall quality of care provided during the strike.

As Wednesday approaches, both sides continue their​ efforts to find a resolution and avert the strike. The stakes are high, and the outcome will ⁢have ⁢far-reaching implications for both the healthcare workers and Kaiser Permanente. It remains to be seen ‍whether an ​agreement can be reached or if the strike will proceed as​ planned.

Regardless of the outcome, this strike⁣ is shining ⁤a spotlight on the⁢ growing concerns and ‍frustrations‌ within the healthcare industry. It serves⁢ as a reminder that healthcare workers play a vital role in ensuring the well-being of patients and deserve fair treatment and working conditions.‌ The resolution of this⁣ dispute will undoubtedly have ramifications for the ⁢future of⁣ healthcare labor relations in the United ​States.

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