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Amusing ‘Shrek 2’ Scene Tied to O.J. Simpson Car Chase Makes a Comeback

The article discusses the resurgence of a humorous scene from “Shrek 2,” linked ⁣to the O.J. Simpson car chase. ⁤It mentions the film’s release 20 years ago and⁤ directs readers⁣ to the full story on The Western​ Journal’s‍ website. The analysis ⁤focuses on the revival of a comedic moment from “Shrek 2,” tied to the O.J. Simpson car chase. It⁤ acknowledges the film’s debut two decades prior and guides individuals to explore the complete narrative on The Western Journal’s site.

If you want to feel old, consider this: “Shrek 2” came out in theaters 20 years ago. However, one of the film’s gag scenes became pretty relevant last week — […]

The post Hilarious ‘Shrek 2’ Scene Inspired By O.J. Simpson Car Chase Resurfaces appeared first on The Western Journal.

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