CIA allegedly offered hush money to silence six analysts on Covid lab leak.

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The⁢ CIA Allegedly Offered Hush ‌Money‍ to Analysts Who Linked Covid-19 to a ⁤Lab in Wuhan

The CIA is facing allegations of offering ⁣hush money to six‌ analysts who concluded that Covid-19 originated from a lab in ‍Wuhan, China. A senior-level CIA ‍officer made this claim ​during a congressional hearing.

The news of this suspected payoff was ‍revealed in two letters written​ by the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic and the‌ House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. These letters were addressed to CIA‍ Director William J. Burns and former‌ CIA Chief ​Operating Officer Andrew Makridis.

Details of the Allegations

In the letter to‍ Burns, SSCP Chairman Brad Wenstrup and⁣ HPSCI Chairman Mike⁤ Turner provided details of the testimony given by a highly credible senior-level CIA officer. According to the⁢ officer, the CIA used a significant ⁤monetary‍ incentive to discredit evidence suggesting a lab leak origin of Covid-19.

The whistleblower revealed⁤ that six out of ⁤seven ‌CIA analysts believed that the intelligence and science⁣ supported the theory⁢ that Covid-19 originated from a laboratory in Wuhan. These⁣ analysts were experienced officers with scientific expertise. ‍However, the ‌CIA allegedly attempted to change their conclusion in favor of a zoonotic origin by offering them financial incentives.

The ‌committee‍ chairmen noted that the seventh member ‍of ‌the team, who‍ happened to ⁤be the most senior officer, believed in the zoonotic origin theory.​ This​ discrepancy ⁢raised concerns⁤ about⁤ a financially motivated flip-flop ⁣that led to the eventual public determination ​of uncertainty.

Demands for Accountability

The CIA‍ is one of two intelligence agencies that still claims​ it is unable​ to determine the‌ precise origin of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is in contrast to⁢ other government agencies, such as the FBI and U.S. Department of ‌Energy, who have acknowledged the likelihood of a lab leak from the Wuhan ⁤Institute ​of Virology.

In response ⁢to these⁢ allegations, the committee chairmen demanded that the CIA provide all documents,‌ communication, and financial transaction information related to the virus origins investigation team. ​They also requested access ‌to the team’s communications with ‍other government‍ agencies.

The ‌committee ⁣chairmen warned that any ⁣improper influence exerted by the CIA would be thoroughly investigated⁣ to‍ ensure accountability within the intelligence community.

Unusual Rejection of Lab‍ Leak Evidence

The CIA’s rejection⁢ of ‌lab leak evidence ⁢is considered unusual, especially considering the growing number of ‍government ⁣agencies that have acknowledged ‍its likelihood. The HPSCI⁣ previously determined that intelligence agencies, including⁤ the CIA, downplayed the possibility of a connection between SARS-CoV2​ and China’s bioweapons ​program.

Furthermore, documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request revealed the​ link⁤ between U.S. taxpayer dollars and the​ research conducted by the WIV ⁣lab staff‍ in Wuhan.

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