How to Properly Question Attorney General Merrick Garland

Attorney General Merrick ‌Garland Faces Congressional Testimony

Attorney General Merrick ⁣Garland is set to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, marking his ⁤first appearance before Congress since questions were raised about his claim that⁣ U.S. ‌Attorney David Weiss had ultimate ‌charging authority over Hunter Biden. While there are several issues ⁣that Garland ⁤needs to address, such as the targeting of ⁤pro-life⁤ protesters,⁣ the Judiciary Committee should prioritize getting answers to these key questions.

Uncovering the Truth about ⁤the ⁢Hunter Biden Investigation

The committee should begin by directly questioning Garland about the Hunter Biden investigation. They should ‍inquire about his communication with Weiss and whether he assigned an assistant attorney general ⁤to handle the case. The committee needs to understand⁤ the specifics of Weiss’s discussions with Garland and⁢ his assistant⁢ attorneys general, including any mention of special counsel status ‍and when Weiss was granted authority to⁤ prosecute Hunter Biden in other districts.

“General Garland, you told Sen. Chuck Grassley on March 1, 2023, that⁢ the U.S.⁤ Attorney in Delaware has ‘full authority’ to bring cases in other jurisdictions if⁤ necessary.⁢ But that’s ‌not true, is it? Weiss ⁢didn’t⁤ have ‘full authority’ until after you⁣ named him special counsel, correct?”

Furthermore, the committee should investigate the‍ extent of the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office’s⁣ investigative authority and whether ‌Main Justice⁣ provided oversight. They should question Garland about his conversations ⁢with other Biden-appointed U.S. attorneys and his communications with FBI Director Christopher Wray regarding the involvement of FBI headquarters in the investigation.

Clarifying the Investigation and Weiss’s Authority

In addition to uncovering the details of the investigation, the House Judiciary Committee should seek clarification on three​ important aspects. First, they should inquire about the breadth or limits of Weiss’s authority as “special counsel” and why an outsider was not appointed as regulations require. They should also ask about the resources Weiss has requested and whether his office is​ investigating‍ individuals beyond Hunter Biden.

Second, the committee should question Garland about Department of Justice⁤ policies and whether he maintained the policy put in place by former‌ Attorney General William Barr regarding investigations against presidential⁣ candidates. They should ⁢determine if Weiss’s team would need Garland’s permission to investigate potential⁢ criminal activity ‍involving Joe Biden and when such authority would be granted.

Finally, the committee should obtain assurances from ​Garland that the DOJ will cooperate fully in the ⁣House’s ⁣impeachment inquiry and not withhold⁣ information or evidence.‍ If Garland continues to stonewall the probe, he should expect to face his own impeachment inquiry.

What measures⁣ does​ Attorney⁤ General Garland‌ plan ⁢to ​implement to address ⁢concerns of politicization within the Department of Justice and enhance its‌ credibility? How will​ he⁤ protect the department’s independence from undue political influence

Ty over the case.

Furthermore,⁢ the committee should​ seek clarification on Garland’s decision ⁤to appoint a special counsel for the investigation. They should inquire about⁢ the reasons behind‍ this decision and whether it was influenced ⁣by any political considerations. It is essential to determine if the appointment of a special counsel was a genuine effort‌ to⁢ ensure impartiality and independence, or if it was merely a political‌ move to protect ‍the Biden family.

Addressing Concerns over ⁡Protester Targeting

Another ⁤pressing issue that Attorney General Garland needs to‌ address is the ​alleged targeting of pro-life ​protesters. There have been reports of unfair treatment and excessive charges against individuals ‍engaged in peaceful protests outside abortion ‌clinics. The committee must inquire about the Department of‍ Justice’s stance on First Amendment rights and whether they are‍ being ⁣adequately ‌protected‍ in these cases.

Garland​ should explain the guidelines and ‍protocols followed by the⁤ Department when it⁢ comes to dealing with ⁣protests and demonstrations, ensuring that they respect the constitutional rights of all citizens. The committee should also investigate‌ whether any political bias or ideological motivation played a role in the handling of these ⁤cases.

Ensuring Accountability and Transparency in the ⁢Department of Justice

Lastly, the committee should use this opportunity ⁢to discuss broader accountability and transparency measures within the Department of Justice. ⁣They should inquire about Garland’s ⁢plans ‌to address ‌concerns regarding politicization of the department and whether he intends to implement any reforms to enhance its credibility.

The ⁣committee⁢ should also question Garland ‌about‍ his stance ‍on protecting the independence of the Justice Department from any undue political influence. Additionally, they should inquire about his commitment to uphold the principles of impartiality, fairness, and equal treatment under the ​law.


Attorney General Merrick Garland’s upcoming testimony before the ‌House Judiciary Committee presents a crucial opportunity for Congress to ⁢gain clarity on several contentious issues. The committee should prioritize uncovering the⁤ truth about the Hunter Biden investigation, addressing ​concerns ⁤over protester⁣ targeting, and ensuring accountability and transparency within the Department of Justice. It is imperative that Attorney General Garland provides honest and comprehensive answers to these questions to uphold the integrity of his⁢ position and fulfill his duty to the American people.

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