Here’s how much money it takes to be ‘happy’ in California

Living in California can be an expensive pursuit, as the state is among the most expensive in the United States for achieving happiness, according to a recent survey. To cultivate happiness while residing in California, one would need to earn an annual salary of no less than $145,635, making it the third most expensive state for finding contentment. This is despite the fact that the state has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, standing at 4.1%. The survey, conducted by GoBankingRates using data from Purdue University, looked at the connection between money and well-being and discovered that the ideal income for satisfaction in North America was $105,000. By using this as a benchmark, the researchers were able to estimate the amount of money it would take for individuals to be happy or experience “emotional well-being” in each of the states.

Massachusetts and Hawaii were found to be more costly than California for people looking for happiness, with individuals requiring $157,395 and $195,300 a year, respectively, to be happy. However, to have emotional well-being, residents would need to earn $89,940 in Massachusetts and $111,600 in Hawaii. Meanwhile, Mississippi ranked as the cheapest state to achieve happiness, with residents needing an annual income of $88,725 for this purpose, while emotional well-being could be reached with a yearly income of $50,700. Oklahoma and Alabama followed, with $91,035 and $91,455 respectively required for happiness and $52,020 and $52,260 for emotional well-being.

It is important to note that “happiness” is subjective, and everyone has different costs for living comfortably, according to the study.

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