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1985 discovery, now identified.

Woman’s⁤ Remains Found in 1985⁤ Finally Identified as Search for Killer Begins

In‍ March 1985, a ‌driver⁢ with vehicle⁣ trouble spotted the skeletal remains of a woman near a creek bank in Cheatham County, Tennessee. ⁢Now, nearly 40 years later, her remains‍ have been ⁣identified.

The⁤ woman is Michelle Lavone Inman, ‍who would have been just shy of her 24th birthday when her ⁤remains were found. At ⁤the ​time, investigators were able to determine that the​ skeletal remains belonged to a white female‌ who had been‍ dead for two to ‍five months before her body was discovered, reported Fox 10 Phoenix. Police‍ also believed she was ‍murdered.

For decades she remained a ⁢Jane Doe, but in April 2018, investigators developed a DNA profile that they entered into a database hoping someday to get a match. In ⁢December 2022, the DNA⁣ profile was sent to Othram, ​Inc., a lab that conducts forensic genetic genealogical ‌DNA‌ testing to ⁢find family members of unidentified samples, reported Law & Crime.

Investigators tracked down Inman’s brother ⁤in Virginia.

“Agents made contact with‍ a family member⁣ and confirmed that he had a sister he had not heard from in more than four decades,” the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI) ‍wrote⁢ in a press release. “Agents obtained a DNA standard from⁣ the man to be compared against the‌ victim’s DNA utilizing forensic genetic genealogy.”

TBI agents are now ​asking the public for ‌any help that ​may ​solve her murder.

“If you have information ‍about‍ this ​homicide, specifically any knowledge about individuals ​Michelle Inman‍ may have been with before her death, or ‌recognize any of‌ the clothing⁣ from​ the​ scene, please call 1-800-TBI-FIND. ‌Or, send an email to [email protected],” TBI wrote.

This is ​the latest cold-case victim‌ to be identified using Othram’s technology.


Other‌ Cold Cases⁤ Solved with Othram’s Technology

In June, Othram⁢ identified the remains of Florence Charleston, whose body had ​been found in a ​garment bag in October 1978. Police say ‌the investigation into Charleston’s death is ongoing, and it is still unknown at this time how‌ she ended up in the garment ⁣bag ​in Nevada, 535 miles ‍from where she lived⁣ in Oregon. She would‍ have been 68 when ​she died.

In September 2022,⁣ Othram was able to not​ only identify ⁣a woman’s remains but also identify ⁤her killer with the help of police detectives. Thirty-three years‍ after 19-year-old Stacey Lyn Chahorski began traveling the country,⁢ remains of​ an unidentified woman found in Dade County, Georgia, were‌ positively identified as Chahorski’s. Othram also tested DNA collected from ​the crime scene⁣ and, along with Georgia Bureau ⁢of Investigation agents tracking ⁤down leads, identified‍ her killer as Henry Frederick “Hoss” Wise. Wise died ‍in 1999,⁢ so while ‌he was identified as ⁣Chahorski’s killer, officials do not know the‌ circumstances that led ‍to her death.

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