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Hawley Slams Uniparty’s ‘Blank Check’ Foreign Policy And Ukraine ‘Proxy War,’ Urges Focus On No. 1 Threat Red China

Sen. Josh Hawley would like GOP warmongers, and leftist globalists to understand that funneling American taxpayer money to Ukraine instead of dealing with the rising threat from communist China will be a big error.

Contrary to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s on-the-record declaration That “Defeating the Russians in Ukraine is the single most important event going on in the world right now,” Hawley urges U.S. leaders promote a nationalist foreign strategy “would put America’s interests first” Prioritize the issue of China’s threat to America and the rest of the world.

“Deterring China from seizing Taiwan should be America’s top foreign policy priority,” The Republican from Missouri spoke during a speech at The Heritage Foundation, Thursday.

It’s time to hear the truth about China from those in Washington, D.C. We live with @HawleyMO as he lays out a defense policy to take on America’s greatest external threat, the Chinese Communist Party.

— Heritage Foundation (@Heritage) February 16, 2023 The Uniparty

For too long, Hawley said U.S. foreign policy was dictated by an out-of-touch “uniparty” that sees “writing blank checks to other countries” as a solution.

“The truth is, we are over-committed,” Hawley said. “Our elites aren’t deluded by the dream of a liberal empire. The uniparty tells us that we’re on the right side of history and tough trade-offs don’t exist. That’s just not true.”

This uniparty, Hawley said, wants Americans to believe that “we can fight an endless proxy war in Ukraine” and that will keep China at bay.

“We have leaders on both parties, former NATO brass telling us that defending Ukraine is basically the same thing as deterring China,” Hawley said.

The truth, the senator continued, is that the uniparty’s impossible dreams of democratizing China and enriching the U.S. economy by allowing the communist nation into the World Trade Organization in 2001 already exposed the weakness of the foreign policy that dominates the D.C. hivemind.

“The uniparty’s way is not sustainable. It is a path to failure,” Hawley said.

Those same motivations, Hawley said, prolonged American involvement in the Middle East and had disastrous results.

“We invested billions of dollars there and lost hundreds of thousands of American lives all while China rose unimpeded. And the people who are responsible for those misjudgments are still members of the D.C. establishment in good standing and nobody has ever been held accountable. Now we’re hearing the same siren song again. This time, it’s about Ukraine,” Hawley said.

It’s clear, he added, that “our current foreign policy is not working.”

“It has not worked for decades,” he said. “It’s not working for our security. It’s not working for our economy. And above all, it is not working for the American people. It has cost many of them their jobs, their towns, and their communities.”

The Need for a Nationalist Foreign Policy

Hawley said he believes the U.S. does have a role to play on the global scale but that it needs

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