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Do you see more Americans looking like a hot mess?

Pajama-Wearing Customers​ on the Rise

Pajama- and lingerie-wearing customers ‍used to appear mostly at ​the ​lowest-end ⁣Walmarts and convenience⁢ stores. But​ this ‌summer, ⁢it’s ‍looking⁣ like​ the People of Walmart‍ crowd has dramatically increased.

They’re at Target,‍ at Sam’s Club, in the malls. ⁣They’re at Trader Joe’s, hip little ⁤trans-friendly⁤ burger ⁤shops, and the⁣ farmer’s market. To ⁣anyone hitting ‍the beach this summer, have you‍ noticed there, too, ⁤what‌ seems‍ like ⁢a ⁢dramatic increase‍ in ⁢whole naked butt ​cheeks ‌and​ antisocial narcissists ⁢blaring their‍ music?

People of⁤ Walmart:⁢ A‍ Spectacle of Bad Choices

For⁣ Gen Z​ and others who didn’t⁣ catch ⁢the site years​ ago, the blog People of​ Walmart posts humorous pictures of people whose life‌ choices‍ clearly began‍ going south many years before‍ they ‌ended up⁣ making a spectacle‌ of themselves in ⁣public. The joke was‍ that ‍people ⁢would‍ actually ​go out not just⁤ nearly naked ⁣—​ they ⁢do that everywhere ⁢now —⁢ but ⁢in the most ‍unappealing‍ states of ⁤near-nakedness,⁢ as well as otherwise ​visibly⁢ portraying inner⁢ disarray.

The People of Walmart‍ vibe‍ means ⁤shockingly ⁣overweight, ⁤slippers and pajamas‌ 24/7, months ​of uncombed hair, ‌congealing ​tattoos, clothes ​that can only ⁤be ‌described‌ as dumpster-fire skank or “nothing smaller than a‍ bedsheet will ‍cover me,” ‍a muddy ​rainbow of⁣ hair shades, or combinations of the ⁣above ​plus other sartorial⁢ horrors.

Examples⁢ from the Blog

Here ⁣are some⁤ examples from the blog.⁤ Trigger⁤ warning.

Tall⁢ not⁣ dark⁣ and ‌skinned toned? Fashion is​ a little⁣ bit weird ⁣nowadays.

— People of Walmart⁤ (@PeopleofWalmart) August 26, 2021

Apparently ⁢he ate⁢ all the goods ‍that ⁣were⁢ supposed ‌to be delivered⁢ at ‍Walmart.

—‍ People of Walmart (@PeopleofWalmart) August​ 26, 2021

Of ​course,⁤ highly ⁤unattractive near-nakedness is ‍the tip⁢ of a growing anti-beauty iceberg. Again, ⁤trigger ⁤warning: These‌ yucky⁣ images may make you laugh ⁣too hard⁣ to continue reading this⁤ article.

Antisocial ⁢Policies

What ⁤could‍ have happened in⁢ the last three years to produce such strikingly visible ‌expressions‌ of inner⁢ chaos ⁣and duress? It’s ‍like there was ⁢a⁤ mass repression of ⁤human rights that⁢ stole⁤ people’s habits, ⁢routines, ⁤reasons to⁤ get up and get dressed in​ the morning, and⁢ connections to their communities.

As⁤ with‍ many other issues, it seems ‌that⁢ here lockdowns accelerated a preexisting trend.⁣ Even before lockdowns, obesity‌ rates were‌ at an ⁢all-time ‍high.⁢ Nearly half of Americans were taking​ at ⁣least ⁣one prescription drug,⁢ and a quarter were taking three or more. Unprecedented numbers of ⁢people were being diagnosed with autism,​ autoimmune disorders, and ​allergies.

Deliberate Ugliness

What’s also different about‌ this ⁣saturated‌ ugliness is ⁢not ⁣only the ​lack⁣ of‌ even ​a little embarrassment that‍ might ‌motivate change,​ but ‍also the aggressive ⁢cultural​ messaging promoting ‌it. ‍Rather​ than being alarmed ⁣into productive action by​ so⁣ many ‍Americans’ evident disarray, ⁤despair, and dishevelment, ⁢our⁢ culture ⁢controllers⁣ instead ‌legitimize⁢ inner and outer ‌chaos.

We’ve ⁢seen the⁢ pro-obesity campaigns. I can’t find new clothing now‍ without being embarrassed ⁣for⁢ the‍ models​ showing ⁤the⁤ options ‌to⁤ me. ‌Again, nobody​ minds realistically dappled⁤ skin or non-Barbie-shaped thighs.‌ In fact,⁤ I support that and find ‍such images⁤ encouraging.

They’re ​Doing It on ​Purpose

This is not ​an‌ accident,‌ it’s ​cultural ​warfare.‌ As⁣ Chris‍ Rufo ​explained earlier this year, leftist ​academics ‍have created⁢ an ‍entire thoughtworld⁢ celebrating grotesqueness‌ for ​ideological ends. They openly⁣ aim ​“to​ displace the ⁤old​ society‌ with⁢ what might ‍be called a ⁢‘queer-normative⁣ society,’ a ⁣‘fat-normative society,’ a ‘mental-illness-normative ⁤society.’” ‍The ultimate goal is an “anti-normative society.”

The ⁤goal is⁣ to achieve an⁢ inversion and ⁤the hegemony of a‌ non-normative ideal,⁤ which you see valorized in ‍the academic literature on‌ all⁣ these ‌different ‌axes⁤ —‌ gender, sexuality,‍ body type, or psychological health.

…We might⁤ categorize this new ideal ⁤as⁢ a ⁤“gender-neutral, ​non-binary, obese, ⁢mentally disturbed, ⁤‘they/them’ pronoun user, operating as a radically autonomous‌ individual that⁣ is totally disconnected from⁢ any of the traditional‌ bonds, ⁣relationships, and ‍constraints.”

I’m⁢ not saying‍ the‌ People of Walmart​ are activists​ aiming ‍to⁤ bring ‍about a ‍non-normative society. While ⁣they certainly⁣ bear responsibility for​ their life ​choices just like ‌the⁢ rest of us, ⁣they’ve also been victimized by ⁢our cultural ‌leaders,‍ who ⁣share significant⁤ blame for the ⁢obvious decay ⁢of‌ our‍ society.

Elites ⁣are​ leaders. They point their culture​ in ‍certain directions. A pro-norms elite would‍ celebrate beauty, ‍health, and​ virtues‍ that tend‌ to result in​ a beautiful and‌ healthy culture, such‌ as ‌self-discipline, ⁢sacrifice, ⁣restraint, ⁣patience, and ​courage.

Our​ elite instead ‍celebrate ‌self-indulgence, laziness, ⁣and⁤ degeneracy. They​ obliterate⁣ aspirational ideals‍ and ‌attack mental health-protecting, ⁢commitment-based ⁢associations such as ⁤marriage, the natural‌ family,‌ and ⁢church. They‌ even attack reality itself, such as the‌ existence‌ of​ men and ​women, standards of‌ beauty, ⁣life⁢ choices that ​promote health,⁣ and​ the obviously⁢ horrific ‌outcomes of free-for-all⁤ sex.

So ⁢it’s no wonder ⁢that people​ subjected to decades of⁤ systematic ⁣dehumanization and de-naturalization would reflect‍ their⁣ social⁢ architecture. Destroying⁣ norms ‍damages people,‍ and‍ it damages the most⁢ vulnerable people the ‍most. That’s‌ why you can ‍find ⁣so many of ‌these⁢ sad and confused folks​ at Walmart.

Increasingly,⁣ though,​ it’s not just Walmart. ‌It’s ⁣everywhere. The “let them‌ eat​ cake” ruling class doing ‌this to America doesn’t deserve to‌ be in⁣ charge​ of⁣ anything, ever.

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