Harris allies angered by Newsom’s spotlight theft: ‘Disrespectful’

Harris ⁤Allies Furious Gavin Newsom Is Stealing Kamala’s Spotlight: ‘Disrespectful’

Three summers ago, when then-Sen. Kamala Harris accepted the job as Joe Biden’s running mate, she doubtlessly had visions dancing in her head of running for president in 2024.

Biden being what he was, after all⁤ — a geriatric placeholder — there seemed to be ⁤little doubt that Harris wasn’t just‍ the administration’s No. 2 but No. 1. If all went⁣ smoothly, Kamala could send‍ Biden back home to Delaware, so he could spend more time churning out “paintings” and signing Hunter’s name ⁣to them. Madame Vice President, the Oval Office is yours for the taking, so ⁢long as we can all safely assume you can hold your own and send⁣ Joe ⁤ back to his‌ basement for a nice,⁤ long nap.

Things ‌have not gone smoothly, however — although there is a California Democrat openly campaigning for the White House this summer. His name is Gavin Newsom, and from reports inside the ⁣Kamala ​camp, he’s making Harris furious.

Newsom may‍ not be running in 2024, but anyone⁤ with a TV and a brain knows the guy is getting a​ five-year jump on 2028, particularly with a plan to debate Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis (you​ know, an actual ⁤presidential candidate) about the⁤ relative merits of how each is governing their own states — which have become the archetypes for liberal vs. conservative policy outcomes, respectively.

According to NBC⁤ News,⁢ however, the California governor “is⁢ increasingly being viewed as a nuisance‍ to some of President Joe Biden’s political ‌advisers, according to four people familiar with the ‌matter.”

“Though Biden’s camp no longer sees Newsom as a wannabe challenger — and some in Biden’s orbit praise him for acting as a top campaign surrogate⁢ — Newsom’s plan to⁢ debate Florida ⁢Gov. Ron DeSantis on television carries more risk than potential reward, these people say,” the Sunday report continued. “That has caused consternation within Biden’s operation and among Vice President Kamala Harris’ allies.”

That‍ last part should be underlined and bolded, since NBC⁢ News reported that “Harris allies take particular umbrage at what they ​see as Newsom’s attempt to position himself for the⁣ 2028 Democratic⁣ presidential primarily at her expense.”

“It’s ‌disrespectful,” one of Harris’ outside advisers said. “Joe Biden is running with Kamala Harris.⁤ That’s the Democratic⁢ ticket.”

Part of the problem ‌is that Harris​ and Newsom have been having this feud since Barack Obama was still president and ‌before Hillary Clinton tweeted a picture of herself with the caption “Happy birthday to this future president” in 2016. Neither would be president soon — and, in all ‍likelihood, only one of the two Californians ⁤will have a chance to be any time soon, either.

The fact that the two Bay Area politicians were clearly ​on collision courses for high positions that only one could‍ occupy has been evident since as early as 2014, when SFGate noted that they were ⁢the only two notable California politicians with rising profiles on the national⁤ radar.

“Both Newsom, 47, and Harris, 50, are A-list candidates for high office. No other Democrats are as well known in California, and Republicans, ⁣who lag 13 points behind on voter registration, are all but out of the picture for statewide office for the foreseeable future,” the outlet reported at the time.

“But Newsom, the former San Francisco mayor, ‌and Harris, the former San Francisco district attorney, share many of the same supporters and donors — one reason Democrats ⁤worry ⁢about a demolition derby on their ⁣next political lap.”

That⁤ lap came in 2015, when Sen. Barbara Boxer unexpectedly announced her⁣ retirement. According to‌ BuzzFeed News, while ‌both Newsom and Harris emerged as front-runners to replace‌ the ⁤retiring Sen. Boxer, Newsom decided his candidacy​ wasn’t feasible; after a discussion between the two,⁢ according to the Sacramento Bee, Harris jumped into a race that essentially became a coronation.‍ Two years later, Newsom would win the governorship.

By all accounts, then, Harris should ‍have the inside track‍ to winning⁢ the quiet rivalry ⁢between the two Golden State Democrats. There are a number of reasons that’s not happening.

The first — and primary — reason is what Basil Fawlty might have called “the bleeding obvious”: Harris polls‌ about as ‌well as⁤ salmonella, even in comparison to her ⁢unpopular boss. And the low numbers aren’t unwarranted.

Arguably the biggest California-centric bust since⁢ the San​ Diego Chargers picked Ryan Leaf second in the 1998 NFL Draft, the 58-year-old Harris has sometimes seemed more cognitively lost than her addled octogenarian superior and ⁢has developed ‍a one-dimensional personality that seems⁤ summed up by an ever-present phony cackle. She’s been assigned to multiple high-priority administration roles and has succeeded at none of them. She goes through staff quicker than a Kardashian goes through significant others.

As of Monday, Biden’s aggregate ratings⁤ in the RealClearPolitics polling average sits at 42.1 percent approval and 53.4 percent disapproval — an 11 percent gap. Harris — who was supposed to be taking the yoke right about now if all went according to what felt like the unspoken plan — is ⁤at 37.1 percent approval and 53.0 percent disapproval. That’s just shy of‌ a 16-point differential — and much worse than Biden, who comes across as more likable by shuffling around like a zombie, apparently.

In short, the guy who locked down the entire ‍Golden​ State ‌ like it was Wuhan and has ⁤overseen the rapid transformation of ​his state’s metropolises into tent cities where‌ the only growth industry is shoplifting still comes across as a more credible presidential candidate. Sure, ⁣he’s failed at most everything he’s tried, but he sounds and looks coherent and is confident while doing it. ​Kamala, meanwhile…

Beyond that, Newsom has been campaigning like,​ well, a presidential candidate would.

He showed up in Florida to protest DeSantis’ education overhaul.⁢ He’s been touring red states to boost Democrats there this‌ cycle, according to the Associated Press. And​ then⁢ there’s the potential debate with DeSantis.

These are all things that Kamala Harris would⁣ be doing if ⁤she were the unquestioned next ⁢in line. She isn’t, and ​the ⁤only‌ people who are really raising a stink about it are the ones close to Harris inside the White House.

Mind​ you, Newsom isn’t the only one openly⁣ campaigning for 2028 despite the fact that Harris would usually be given some level of presumptive⁢ front-runner status as ‌the vice president. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg hasn’t done a lot for our nation’s transportation‌ system, but the 2020 Democratic nomination-process overperformer has certainly done a good job raising his profile in all the ⁤right‌ places.

And, in an interview earlier this month with The Hill, former Bill Clinton ⁣campaign adviser James Carville implied the field was wide open in 2028 due ⁤to a breadth‍ of ‌talent.

“You find ​me somebody more talented than a [Pennsylvania Gov.] Josh Shapiro or [Georgia Sen. Raphael] Warnock or [Maryland Gov.] Wes Moore or [Kentucky Gov.] Andy Beshear or [Michigan Gov.] Gretchen Whitmer, Mitch Landrieu, [North Carolina Gov.] Roy ​Cooper, I ain’t seen‌ them,” he said.

Notably, he didn’t mention either Newsom or Harris — but the‍ fact anyone this politically connected is mentioning anybody but Harris, much less over a half-dozen names, is telling.

So, yeah, of course Harris’ people‍ think this is “disrespectful.” That’s because they still don’t understand the depth of the problem. It isn’t just that she’s ⁣not the⁢ front-runner‍ for 2028 anymore. Her job now is to convince⁣ Democrats she’s a better choice than scads of other challengers who ‌don’t carry‍ her considerable baggage — including ⁤her “disrespectful” Californian rival.

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