Haley stands firm in her critique of Ramaswamy regarding TikTok.

Republican ⁢Candidate Nikki Haley Criticizes Rival Vivek Ramaswamy for Joining TikTok

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley recently explained her change ‌in opinion towards fellow ⁢candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.‌ The issue ⁢at hand ‍is⁤ Ramaswamy’s decision to join ‌the Chinese video-sharing‍ app TikTok, making him the ​first GOP candidate to do so. While ‍Ramaswamy claims it’s a way to connect with young​ voters,⁣ he had previously criticized ‌the app as “digital fentanyl” and called for its ban. Haley rebuked Ramaswamy, stating that TikTok is a dangerous platform and that his decision lacks leadership.

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During the second Republican presidential debate, Ramaswamy ‍defended his decision, emphasizing the need to reach the next generation of voters. However, Haley criticized‍ him, stating that TikTok ⁤is one of the most dangerous‌ social media apps. She expressed her concerns about the Chinese Communist ⁣Party’s espionage activities and the potential risks associated⁣ with TikTok.

(L–R) ‍Former South⁤ Carolina Gov. and⁢ U.N. ‍Ambassador Nikki Haley, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and‌ entrepreneur ​Vivek Ramaswamy speak during the second Republican presidential primary ⁢debate in Simi Valley, Calif., on Sept. 27, 2023. (Robyn Beck/AFP ⁢via Getty Images)

In an interview on ⁢Fox News Sunday, Haley addressed her previous praise⁣ for Ramaswamy’s book “Woke Inc.” She clarified that she supported the book and helped him with it, but his current statements as a presidential candidate differ⁤ significantly.⁢ Haley emphasized that joining TikTok despite its dangers is not leadership but ⁤merely following the crowd.


Ramaswamy defended his‍ decision to use TikTok in ‌an interview on ‌Fox News’ “Cavuto Live.” He maintained his concerns about China’s influence and addictive social⁤ media but stated​ that change can only happen after winning elections.

He also indirectly criticized other candidates, suggesting that their own children use TikTok⁤ while they publicly criticize the platform. Haley ⁣responded​ by stating that ‍her son⁤ is not on TikTok, and her daughter, who is 25 years old, used it until 2020. She warned about the Chinese​ Communist Party’s espionage activities and reiterated her belief that ‌TikTok⁤ is dangerous.

TikTok logo on an ‍iPhone in London on⁣ Feb. ⁤28, 2023. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Last‌ week, the State ⁣Department’s Global Engagement Center (GEC) released‍ a report on China’s ‌disinformation and propaganda ‍efforts. ⁢The report revealed that ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, allegedly restricted access to individuals critical of China until late 2020. Additionally, cybersecurity firm Internet 2.0 reported that TikTok harvested‌ users’ data, including ‌locations and⁤ passwords.


A recent ⁤survey by Pew Research ‍Center showed that 59% of Americans consider TikTok a threat to national security. Older Americans and Republicans expressed‌ more concern about the app’s potential risks. The survey also indicated that 64% of Americans were worried about TikTok’s data practices.

How does Vivek Ramaswamy’s decision to join TikTok contradict his previous criticism of ‌the app and what does this⁤ reveal about‍ his⁢ judgment and leadership abilities?

Republican​ candidate Nikki Haley has recently​ expressed her criticism towards fellow candidate Vivek Ramaswamy for his decision to join the popular Chinese video-sharing app, TikTok. Ramaswamy ‍is the first GOP candidate to join the platform, claiming that it is a way to connect with young voters. However, Haley rebuked Ramaswamy, asserting that TikTok is a dangerous platform and that his decision lacks leadership.

During the second Republican presidential debate, Ramaswamy defended his decision to join TikTok‍ by emphasizing the importance of‌ reaching⁤ out to the next generation of voters. Despite his reasoning, Haley criticized him for joining what‍ she believes to be one of the most dangerous social​ media apps. She expressed‍ her concerns about the espionage activities of the Chinese Communist Party and the ‌potential risks associated with TikTok.

Haley’s criticism is rooted​ in her belief that TikTok poses a significant threat to national security. She highlighted the TikTok’s close ties to the Chinese government, raising concerns about potential espionage⁤ and data privacy‍ issues. This sentiment ‌echoes the sentiments shared by experts and lawmakers who have also expressed concerns about the app’s connections to China.

Furthermore, Haley pointed out the irony of Ramaswamy’s decision to join TikTok, considering that he had previously criticized the app as “digital fentanyl” and ​even called ‍for its complete‍ ban. This⁣ inconsistency in his stance raises questions about his judgment and leadership abilities.

This controversy surrounding⁢ Ramaswamy’s involvement with TikTok serves as a reminder of the ongoing‌ concerns about the app ⁢and its ties to China. Various countries, including ​the United States, have taken steps to address these concerns, with ‍some even banning the app altogether. The debate‌ regarding TikTok’s role in society and its potential risks to national security continues.

In‍ conclusion, Nikki Haley’s criticism of Vivek Ramaswamy’s decision to join TikTok highlights the ongoing concerns about the app’s ties to the Chinese government and its potential risks to national security. Haley argues⁢ that​ Ramaswamy’s​ decision lacks leadership and raises ⁤questions about his judgment. This controversy sheds light on the broader ‌debate​ surrounding TikTok’s place in society and the need for increased‍ scrutiny of its connections to China.

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