Man not present at Capitol on January 6th receives 22-year prison sentence.

Government Deception: The Art of Lying

By now, it’s no secret that the federal government​ has a ​habit of lying to the⁣ American people. It’s not just the “conspiracy theorists” who believe this; anyone⁤ who has been paying attention over the past few⁣ decades ⁣can see it.⁢ From COVID to economic ⁢recessions ⁤to wars, trust in the government has dwindled. So, how‌ does the government adapt to this lack of trust? They get creative with their lies.

Take,​ for example, the Department⁢ of Justice (DOJ). They have come up with inventive ways to ‌deceive the public that are difficult to detect ⁣on the surface. One such ‌example went unnoticed by the mainstream press. Kevin Benjamin Weier, a California‍ man, set fire to a federal courthouse in Portland during⁣ the canonization of ‍Saint ⁤George Floyd. Weier pleaded guilty to this act, but the DOJ conveniently left out the details of his actual sentence in their ‌press ⁢release.

On the other hand, we⁢ have cases like Enrique‍ Tarrio, a former GOP congressional candidate, who was⁢ sentenced‌ to 22 years in prison for his alleged involvement in the January 6th events. Despite not being near any federal buildings on that day, Tarrio received the longest sentence of any January 6th defendant. The media seems unfazed by this injustice.

Unequal Justice

What’s truly alarming‌ is the stark contrast in sentencing⁣ between those involved in the January ‍6th events and left-wing activists who have committed acts of violence. Arsonists,‍ rapists,⁣ and even terrorists have‌ received lighter​ sentences than some nonviolent January ⁣6th defendants. This unequal treatment ⁤is​ evident in cases ⁣like Joseph Biggs, who received 17 ‌years in prison for pulling⁢ down a fence at ‌the Capitol, while BLM rioters⁣ who set fire to buildings faced minimal consequences.

Furthermore, the FBI’s ​tactics in targeting ‍Trump supporters are concerning. Innocent ⁣individuals⁢ are ‌being ambushed by heavily armed agents, while left-wing terrorists seem to escape scrutiny. The recent raid on Nathan⁢ Hughes, who ​wore an Infowars ⁢shirt ⁢and allegedly​ pushed against the police line, exemplifies this unequal treatment.

This pattern of selective enforcement and harsh punishment for political dissidents is⁢ a dangerous escalation under the Biden administration. The raid on Craig Robertson,⁣ the elderly Trump supporter in Utah, and the ‌FBI’s refusal to release body camera‌ footage further highlight ‌the lack of oversight and accountability.

A Society Without Rule of Law?

If this ‌trend continues, we may find ourselves in a society where the government can imprison and even kill its political enemies without consequences, while giving a pass to terrorists on their side. Unless a ‍real opposition forms and leaders who are willing⁣ to address this issue ⁢emerge, our future looks bleak. We must not allow our society to be governed by raw ‌power and the will of the ruling class. It’s time for conservatives to take action and protect​ the principles of justice and⁣ equality.

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