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Gutfeld foresees major upset in 2024: ‘Third-party run is the way to go’

Gutfeld Predicts⁣ Possible Huge Upset⁤ in 2024: ‘He Should Run ‌as a Third-Party Candidate’

Fox ‍News host Greg‍ Gutfeld made ⁣a bold projection on “The Five” that Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. should consider running as ⁣a third-party candidate in the 2024 election. Gutfeld⁣ believes that if Kennedy ran independently, he⁤ would have a strong chance of winning.

Gutfeld’s⁤ statement came after Kennedy’s recent town‌ hall⁣ on Fox News, where he discussed his common-sense policy positions. Despite his sensible⁤ ideas, Kennedy has not​ gained much ⁤support from Democrats. Gutfeld suggests that this is because politics has become a “team⁢ sport,” and Democrats ‌are blindly following the party line by supporting Joe Biden.

During the discussion, Gutfeld ⁣pointed⁤ out that Kennedy’s criticism of the⁢ Washington‍ bureaucracy and the corporate media echoes​ the anti-establishment rhetoric of former President ⁣Donald Trump. ‌This similarity may be why some Republicans are also showing‌ support for Kennedy, as they believe he could potentially divide ‍the Democratic party in⁢ 2024.

While Kennedy is currently Biden’s highest-polling rival for the ‌Democratic nomination, Gutfeld⁣ argues that he should consider running as a third-party candidate due‍ to⁤ the⁢ radical elements within his own party. Gutfeld ⁣believes that these “woke” elements have embraced a fascist clampdown​ on language, which goes against the ​principles of ⁣free ⁣speech that the Democratic party ​once championed.

Despite ‍the potential challenges, Kennedy has an advantage in terms of favorability. A recent Reuters/Ipsos survey⁤ found‌ that Kennedy ​has a 54 percent favorability ‌rating, compared to‍ 41 ⁤percent ⁣for Biden‍ and 40 percent for Trump.

Gutfeld also commended Kennedy for his​ analysis of ‌the Ukraine-Russia war, where ​he⁢ criticized ‍the U.S.‌ for using Ukraine as a pawn in a proxy⁤ war⁢ against Russia. ⁤This stance challenges ⁣the assumptions of both conservative⁢ Republicans and Democrats‍ who‌ have supported⁢ endless U.S. involvement in foreign wars.

In conclusion, Gutfeld‌ predicts ⁤a possible upset⁤ in the 2024 election if Kennedy decides to run as a third-party candidate. He ‌believes that Kennedy’s sensible policies and criticism ​of⁤ the status ​quo could resonate with voters who are tired of the current political landscape.

Source: ⁣ The Western Journal

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