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Gun shop experiences a flurry of sales within 90 minutes after the temporary lift of high-capacity magazine ban

In Washington state, a ‍gun shop owner capitalized on a temporary lift of a​ 2022⁣ high-capacity magazine ​ban, resulting in a rapid surge in sales. The frenzy was covered by ⁣The Western Journal,​ highlighting ​the ⁣impact ⁣of the brief policy change. Your summary effectively conveys how a gun store owner leveraged the temporary⁢ lift of a high-capacity magazine ban in Washington state, leading to ​a sudden​ increase in sales. The‌ coverage by‍ The Western Journal shed​ light on the consequences of ‌this short-lived policy adjustment.

A gun store owner in Washington state says he sold a boatload of high-capacity magazines earlier this week when a state law that had banned them in 2022 was briefly […]

The post Gun Store Sees 90-Minute Sales Bonanza When High-Capacity Magazine Ban Is Temporarily Lifted appeared first on The Western Journal.

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